Books 19 December 2014

Van Gogh’s deeply human letters

Vincent’s letters to Theo are a document of struggle, failure and beauty.

Books 14 November 2014

Modiano: master of the oblique

This translated collection will bring the French writer's sparing prose to a new audience.

11 November 2014

Curators need to stand up to offence-takers

Arts venues need to stand up for the public's right to view controversial art.

10 October 2014

Larkin wasn’t as prickly as you think

Philip Larkin’s private prejudices shouldn’t matter a jot to admirers of his poetry.

Books 12 September 2014

Boswell’s postcards from a hanging

A new collection of James Boswell’s writings reveals the enduring humanity of a man obsessed with public executions.

5 August 2014

Twin Peaks: this revolution was televised

A new edition of the TV series and its movie prequel reminds us just what a game-changer David Lynch’s opus was.

15 July 2014

The museums turning culture into a commodity

When museums sell off items to raise cash, they cheapen our cultural life.

11 July 2014

of Babel

A new dictionary of untranslatable ideas and words is heavygoing, but absorbing.

13 June 2014

The vanished and the defaced

In Stalin’s Russia, the camera was frequently made to lie.

9 May 2014

Notes of a dirty old modernist

Incest? Rape? Child murder? Alain Robbe-Grillet's final novel has it all.