28 April 2016

The waltz of censorship

For the likes of Flaubert and Baudelaire, evading the censors was a very serious game.

25 February 2016

TS Eliot: public poet, private agony

A new volume of Eliot’s letters charts his inner turmoil.

12 February 2016

Manos: rediscovering the world’s worst film

The re-release of Manos: The Hands of Fate allows us to appreciate better its unique awfulness.

28 January 2016

Review: Iris Murdoch’s letters

A new edition of private correspondence hides as much as it reveals.

2 October 2015

Pound: poet and political prisoner

A new biography shows us just how brilliant, and dangerous, Ezra Pound was.

28 September 2015

In praise of

We should celebrate the daring spirit of this unloved school of architecture.

7 September 2015

Charles Bukowski: distortion of a dissident poet?

A new Bukowski is set to emerge, free of his editor's heavy hand.

28 August 2015

The Islamic Republic of France

Michel Houellebecq’s Submission is a powerful novel about the fragility of Western culture.

14 August 2015

Islamism and identity politics – a destructive mix

The strange alliance between leftists and extremists is eroding free speech.

19 June 2015

A Nazi-baiting master of the photomontage

John Heartfield made mocking tyrants an artform.