27 January 2017

The neoliberal individual

Ralph Fevre’s latest explores the future of work and politics.

14 December 2016

Treating pupils like prisoners

'No-excuses discipline' won't solve the crisis of teacher authority.

4 January 2016

Storm Frank:
what’s in a name?

The decision to name the storms causing the floods reveals our newfound fear of weather.

22 April 2015

The Anthropocene: a manmade epoch

An anti-human agenda lies behind the advocacy of a new geological epoch.

13 January 2015

An alternative lesson from London schools

The capital’s schools have improved, but at what cost to education?

8 January 2014

The NGOs corrupting the curriculum

Annoyed, suspicious and made to feel guilty... school kids don't much like NGOs in the classroom.

25 March 2013

We don’t need
no eco-propaganda

A geography expert explains why he’s pleased that schoolkids will be taught less about climate change.

31 January 2013

Schools have become snazzier but shallower

After 10 years away, an educationalist returns to Britain to find better-looking schools but some very weird lessons.

Books 28 October 2011

A shocking portrait of the academy adrift

With US students now expected to spend more time at the bar than at their desks, a new book asks why universities are so palpably failing to educate the young.

13 December 2010

Education in NYC: it’s business as usual

Mayor Bloomberg’s selection of a glossy magazine publisher as New York City school chancellor is bizarre, but not surprising.