Sushi Tap Show: raw tap-dancing talent

A Japanese man dressed as a 10-year-old girl plays a recorder to make a trio of female Japanese tap dancers dance the Riverdance. It all makes uproarious sense in the crazy world of Sushi Tap Show, the gloriously bonkers new production from Tokyo Tapdo. With a lateral approach to tap, the hyperactive company dance through their surreal flights of fancy with gusto and childlike joy.

On one level, the dancing is superb and the circus-manipulation of cups, Frisbees, hats etc are perfection, but the troupe sets itself apart by giving the choreography a zany gloss. The family-friendly audience is constantly involved, whether they are trying to clap along with impossibly fast footwork or arguing with the troupe about what sound a dolphin makes.

Inventive, charming and mindboggling, Sushi Tap Show never misses a beat.

Christian Butler is a writer and musician based in London.

Sushi Tap Show is at C Venue until 25 August.

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