Fringe 2016
Mike Ward: ‘I was fined $42,000 for telling a joke’

‘I was fined $42,000 for telling a joke’

Mike Ward talks comedy, censorship and why we can't let the offence-takers win.

In the run-up to spiked’s free-speech comedy night at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, we spoke to Mike Ward – an acclaimed Canadian comic who, last month, was fined $42,000 for telling an offensive joke. What’s the future for stand-up in these offence-taking times? And how can comics fight back? Fellow comic Andrew Doyle sat down with Mike to discuss.

Mike Ward is headlining spiked at The Stand, our free Fringe night dedicated to the right to offend, taking place on Monday 15 August at 10pm at The Stand Comedy Club. Book your tickets here.

Mike’s solo show, Freedom of Speech isn’t Free, is at the Gilded Balloon until 28 August.

Andrew Doyle’s show, Future Tense, is at The Stand until 28 August.

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