Colin Cloud: mind-boggling mentalism

Mentalist Colin Cloud has had a great magic career, performing with the Illusionists on Broadway and bagging notable TV gigs on shows like America’s Got Talent and Penn and Teller: Fool Us. Cloud calls himself a ‘forensic mindreader’, which isn’t as pretentious as it sounds (he has a degree in forensic investigation). And this trendy magician has a great new show at the Edinburgh Fringe called Dare, which probes at the audience’s secrets with Sherlock Holmes-style deduction.

There’s a surreal feel to the show from the off – audience members are given masks to wear with Cloud’s face on it. It’s all pleasantly unsettling as he picks out people in the crowd to reveal their embarrassing secrets, seemingly from nowhere. While his prop magic is very much of the ordinary, Dare is darkly atmospheric, and his mentalist act is truly mind-boggling.


Christian Butler is a spiked columnist. Follow him on Twitter: @CPAButler

Colin Cloud: Dare is at the Pleasance Courtyard until 27 August.

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