Semi-incandescent over Ken’s ‘Lightbulb Amnesty’

A new dark age in Livingstone’s London, industrial chick farming as golden goose - read Mick Hume’s columns in The Times (London).

Friday 11 January

‘Late in the pantomime season Ken Livingstone, the Miserabilist of London, is staging a new version of Aladdin. At B&Q stores this weekend Londoners can get “new bulbs for old” by swapping incandescent lightbulbs for free low-energy ones (only two each, the genie of the lightbulb being less slightly generous than the one in the lamp)...’

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Tuesday 8 January

‘Let us take the chicken by the horns. Whether we like its methods or not, industrial farming is a goose that lays golden eggs, enabling humanity to soar considerably higher than a hen. And if Jamie Oliver or anybody else doubts it, they must have chicken dirt for brains…’

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