I'm fine. Stop curing me

Brown's plans for a 'personal and preventative' NHS, and the liberty to abuse footballers: read Mick Hume's columns in The Times (London).

Friday 4 January:

‘Say what you like about the nanny state, but I do think it’s a bit much when the Prime Minister takes it upon himself to make our new year’s resolutions for us…’

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Tuesday 1 January:

‘For the first time in 2008, I fear I must disagree with “all right-thinking people” - by defending the liberty of football fans to shout abuse at opponents, their own players, referees, or even Sir Alex Ferguson. Today I am off to Old Trafford, and if Manchester United play as badly as on Saturday it will not be best wishes for the new year that 75,000 of us give out to the team.’

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