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Michael Baum
Gustav Born
K Eric Drexler
Marcus du Sautoy
Harold Kroto
Paul Lauterbur
Leon Lederman
Bernard Lovell
Sophie Petit-Zeman
Ingo Potrykus
Jack Pridham
Simon Singh
Jack Steinberger
Paul Parsons
editor of BBC Focus magazine, and managing editor of BBC Sky at Night magazine
Good science communication
Josef Penninger
scientific director and senior scientist at the Institute for Molecular Biotechnology
A great mentor and teacher
David Perks
head of physics at Graveney School in London, and deviser of the Debating Matters sixth-form debating competition
I was treated by my tutors as if I could make sense of everything they knew about physics
Dr Sophie Petit-Zeman
writer on health, science and social care
Falling in love with my biology teacher when I was 13
Dr Clifford A Pickover
inventor and science writer
My desire to learn how the world works, and my passion for science fiction
Ingo Potrykus
chair of the Humanitarian Golden Rice Board and Network, emeritus professor of plant sciences at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and creator of Golden Rice
The phenomenon of totipotency of plant cells
Channapatna S Prakash
president of the AgBioWorld Foundation, professor of agricultural and environmental sciences and plant molecular genetics at Tuskegee University, director of the Centre for Plant Biotechnology Research
I was mentored by a fascinating professor in plant breeding
Dr Daniel Price
researcher in astrophysics at the University of Exeter
A family friend who was a lecturer in astronomy, and who always encouraged my interest
Jack Pridham
editor of Chemo-Philia, and emeritus professor of biochemistry at Royal Holloway, University of London
As a child I was free to pursue scientific activities – some of which, today, would attract the attention of antiterrorist officers
Peter H Raven
Engelmann professor of Botany at Washington University in St Louis, and director of the Missouri Botanical Garden
Curiosity about nature
Leslie Rose
founder of Pharmavision Consulting, and consultant clinical scientist
I inspired myself
Vadim S Rotenberg
senior lecturer in psychiatry at Tel Aviv University
A very good, broad-minded teacher
Carlo Rovelli
professor of physics at the University of the Méditérranée in Marseille, and member of the Quantum Gravity Group
The desire to look at the world with new eyes
Daniel Sandford-Smith
education manager at the Institute of Physics
I really enjoyed physics at school
Dr Eugenie C Scott
executive director of the National Centre for Science Education
My biology teacher
Alom Shaha
science communicator and educator, and TV producer
Gifted teachers, whose enthusiasm for their subjects was relentless and infectious
Hugh Sharman
founder and principal of Incoteco
Picking things up and looking at them
Ben Shneiderman
professor of computer science at the University of Maryland in College Park, founding director of the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory, and joint inventor of Nassi-Shneiderman diagrams
The challenge of understanding a small part of our amazing world, with the goal of making life better for many
Lee M Silver
professor of molecular biology and public affairs at Princeton University
A desire to understand how things work
S Fred Singer
founder and president of the Science and Environmental Policy Project, distinguished research professor at George Mason University, and emeritus professor of environmental science at the University of Virginia
Dr Simon Singh
science writer and broadcaster
Good science and mathematics teachers
Professor Sir Christopher Llewellyn Smith
director of the Culham Division at the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, chair of the Consultative Committee for Euratom on Fusion, and former director general of CERN
Great teachers and inspiring popularisations
Julien Clinton Sprott
professor of physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
I carefully spread a hairpin apart and inserted it into an electrical socket
Steven W Squyres
Goldwin Smith Professor of Astronomy at Cornell University, principal investigator for the Mars Exploration Rover mission, and co-investigator for the Mars Express mission and for the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
I've always been intensely curious about why things are the way they are
Jack Steinberger
former researcher at CERN, and joint recipient of the Nobel Prize in physics for his work on elementary particles and forces
The Second World War
John F Stein
professor of physiology at the University of Oxford, head of the Sensorimotor Control Lab, and scientific adviser to Pro-Test
How much we can learn about the human brain by studying the nervous systems of animals
Victor J Stenger
emeritus professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, adjunct professor of philosophy at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and president of Colorado Citizens for Science
The atomic bomb