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Michael Baum
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K Eric Drexler
Marcus du Sautoy
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Paul Lauterbur
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Bernard Lovell
Sophie Petit-Zeman
Ingo Potrykus
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Simon Singh
Jack Steinberger
Professor Thomas M Addiscott
soil scientist, computer modeller and science writer
An outstanding chemistry teacher
Dr Suleiman Al-Sabah
researcher in molecular pharmacology at the University of Reading
Doing something new, seeing something that nobody else has seen before, that 'eureka' moment when the picture comes into focus
Dr Roger Armour
honorary consultant surgeon, co-director of Ophthalmos, and inventor of the Optyse Lens Free Ophthalmoscope
The beauty of living things, and how one might help them when they go wrong
John Avise
distinguished professor of evolutionary genetics at the University of California in Irvine, member of the National Academy of Sciences, and pioneer of phylogeography
The Vietnam War
Tipu Aziz
professor of neurosurgery at the University of Oxford, founder of Oxford Functional Neurosurgery, and scientific adviser to Pro-Test
I was fascinated by the fact that neurosurgical procedures could restore normality in sufferers of in Parkinson’s disease
Professor William Bains
chief executive of Delta G, lecturer at the University of Cambridge, and scientist/entrepreneur
The space programme, especially the moon landings
Robert S Baratz
president of the National Council Against Health Fraud, and assistant clinical professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine
The value of science, and the role it can play in solving problems
Dr Stephen Barrett
board chairman of Quackwatch, and co-founder and vice president of the National Council Against Health Fraud
The rapid and amazing strides being made in the understanding and treatment of disease
Neil Bartlett
emeritus professor of chemistry at the University of California in Berkeley
My firsthand experience of my first chemistry laboratory exercise
Michael Baum
emeritus professor of surgery and visiting professor of medical humanities at University College London, chair of the Psychosocial Oncology Committee at the National Cancer Research Institute, and editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Surgery
My interest in the natural history of breast cancer
Marlene Oscar Berman
professor of anatomy and neurobiology, professor of psychiatry and professor of neurology at Boston University School of Medicine, director of the Laboratory of Neuropsychology, and research career scientist at the Department of Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System
The powerful influence of a mentor relationship upon growth, creativity and development
Dr Colin Berry
senior lecturer in biochemistry at the School of Biosciences at Cardiff University
Good and enthusiastic science teaching at school
Sir Colin L Berry
emeritus professor of morbid anatomy and histopathology at Queen Mary, University of London, and form member of the Medical Research Council
A superb biology teacher
Dr Susan J Blackmore
visiting lecturer at the University of the West of England in Bristol, and science writer and broadcaster
My two biology teachers
Dr Sonja A Boehmer-Christiansen
reader in geography at the University of Hull, and editor of Energy and Environment
Natural curiosity and the desire to argue rather than believe
Gustav VR Born
research professor at the William Harvey Research Institute, and emeritus professor of pharmacology at King's College London
A tradition in my family
Anthony D Bradshaw
emeritus professor of botany at the University of Liverpool
Two very imaginative biology teachers, who expected us to run our own experiments out of school hours
Mark Brake
professor of science communication at the Centre for Astronomy and Science Education, and director of the SETPOINT Wales, RoCCoTO and South Wales Science Shop projects
Science fiction
Časlav Brukner
associate professor of experimental physics at the University of Vienna, senior researcher at the Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, and chair professor of physics at Tsinghua University in Beijing
A form of deep emotional excitement that I experienced when thinking about basic questions
Geoffrey Burnstock
professor of anatomy at University College London, director of the Autonomic Neuroscience Institute, and editor-in-chief of Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical and Purinergic Signalling
The possibility that every day something new could be discovered
Michel Cabanac
professor of physiology at Laval University in Québec
When a scientist reaches a solution, they experience intense joy
Dr Philip Campbell
editor-in-chief of Nature
I designed and built a functioning rocket motor
William Chaloner
emeritus professor of botany at Royal Holloway, University of London
I made electrical circuits and explosives (acetylene bombs were very popular with my contemporaries), distilled alcohol from meths, and made chloroform and ether using a still with a spirit lamp in my bedroom
Brian Charlesworth
Royal Society research professor at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology
An account of gravitation by a teacher at infant school
Brian Clegg
science writer and consultant
A sense of wonder, ignited by a delight in science fiction
Professor Peter Cochrane
co-founder of ConceptLabs, and former chief technologist at BT
Numerous wonderful writers, teachers and professors
JMD Coey
professor of experimental physics at Trinity College in Dublin
The concepts of physics
David Colquhoun
research professor of pharmacology at University College London, editor of the Improbable Science Page, and pioneer in the understanding of ion channels
An interest in how one could distinguish truth from fiction
Dr Vincent P Crabtree
technical director at Dialog Devices, and researcher at the Photonics Engineering and Health Technology Research Group at Loughborough University
My grandfather was affected with a debilitating condition