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spiked is edited by Brendan O'Neill. The site is the product of an international network of authors with a core team of editors and writers: Mick Hume (editor-at-large), Helene Guldberg (managing editor), Rob Lyons (deputy editor), Nathalie Rothschild (international correspondent), Tim Black (senior writer) and Patrick Hayes (columnist). spiked also has a dedicated team of technical and design experts, led by Martyn Perks (design director), who give their time for free.

Brendan O'Neill - editor

As well as being the editor, Brendan O’Neill writes on war, terrorism and politics for spiked. He is also a regular contributor to the Christian Science Monitor, and his journalism has been widely published - in publications such as the Spectator, the Guardian, the New Statesman, the Sunday Times, BBC Online, Reason magazine and American Prospect. O’Neill founded the online journalism course at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design in Surrey, England.

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Mick Hume - editor-at-large

spiked was edited by Mick Hume from its launch until January 2007. Now, in addition to his role as editor-at-large, Mick is a columnist for The Times (London) and a regular contributor to other publications. He was the editor of LM magazine (which he launched, originally as Living Marxism, in 1988) until it was forced to close in 2000 following a libel suit brought by ITN. Mick is a fortysomething ex-grammar school boy from Woking, who went to Manchester University and still has a season ticket at Old Trafford. He lives in London with his wife Virginia and two young daughters.

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Helene Guldberg - managing editor

Helene Guldberg is not only an experienced writer for spiked but also handles the money. Her writing specialises in issues of human psychology and child development. Guldberg has a PhD in developmental psychology and is an associate lecturer with the Open University. She was co-publisher of LM magazine from its launch in 1997 to its closure in 2000, and the author of Reclaiming Childhood: freedom and play in an age of fear, published in 2009. Visit Helene's website here.

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Rob Lyons - deputy editor

Rob Lyons studied law and psychology but now divides his time between editorial duties and maintaining the spiked website. He writes for spiked on issues from food to football, including the long-running Don't panic page. Rob is a regular commentator on television and radio in the UK. He is not married, has no children and does not live in Surrey. His book, Panic on a Plate: How Society Developed an Eating Disorder is published by Imprint Academic and he blogs about food at Panic on a Plate.

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Nathalie Rothschild - international correspondent

In addition to being spiked's roving reporter, Nathalie Rothschild co-ordinates the spiked and Times-sponsored Young Journalists' Academy. She has contributed to a range of publications in the UK and abroad, including The Times, the Guardian, the Australian and Hindustan Times. Read her personal website here.

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Tim Black - senior writer

Tim joined spiked in January 2008 having previously written for us on sport and television. Hailing from Nottingham, Tim has a PhD in English from Sussex University. As well as writing regularly for us, Tim coordinates spiked events.

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Patrick Hayes - columnist

Patrick writes for spiked on everything from the future of Indian tribes to the English Defence League. He’s also a blogger for the Huffington Post and the Free Society and a producer for the Battle of Ideas. He has commented on political issues in a range of media outlets, including Newsnight, Sunday Morning Live, BBC Radio 5 Live, The Independent, The TES, Sky News and Russia Today. He contributed a chapter to the 2011 book The Lure of the City: From Slums to Suburbs. Visit his personal website here.

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Martyn Perks - design director

Martyn has been spiked’s design director since its inception way back in 2000 – making him one of the internet’s longest-serving designers. Always a keen observer of trends without being a slave to them, Martyn continues to develop spiked’s online presence. When not designing, he regularly contributes to spiked and many other publications as a critical voice against attempts to use design and technology for political and authoritarian ends. More recently he has formed his own management consultancy helping businesses innovate and remain ahead of the competition.

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