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In this extract from his new report, Euro Puppets, Christopher Snowdon exposes the EU leaders paying NGOs to support them.

Hero and Zero

Meet the US judge who stood up to Mayor Bloomberg’s illiberalism, and the UK judge who looked down on jurors.



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The SWP: slain by cynical scandal-milkers

What do Britain’s Socialist Workers’ Party, the Catholic Church and the BBC have in common? At a glance, nothing. One is a godless far-left party that has lots of gutsy women in its ranks; one is a God-fearing church that refuses to let women don the priestly smock; and one is a vast broadcasting corporation which is neither gutsy nor godly but is quite smug. Yet despite the gaping chasms that separate these three institutions, they do share one striking thing in common: all have recently been shaken to their core by sex scandals, by accusations of behavioural depravity, by claims that they are not safe environments for women or children.

Now perhaps it is true that these three institutions really are ‘nests of paedophiles’ (as one politician described the BBC in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal), or ‘systemically paedophile’ (as the Catholic Church has been branded), or havens of ‘sexual abuse and misogyny’ (as has been said of the SWP), and we have all just happened upon this triple terrible truth in recent months. Or perhaps – and I think this is far more likely – these institutions have simultaneously fallen victim to the sick spirit of the age and a deeply corrosive zeitgeist: that is, politicised scandal-mongering; the fashion for turning incidents of individual misconduct into battering rams against ideologies or theologies some people detest, and against the idea of hierarchical organisation itself.

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