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While additive manufacturing will be a very useful technology, it cannot transform the fortunes of capitalism.

Hero and Zero

The misery guts gorging on the horsemeat crisis and the developers of GM rice which can save lives.



Piggybacking the Pistorius tragedy

Even before the body of South African model Reeva Steenkamp had been cremated, her killing - allegedly at the hands of her boyfriend Oscar Pistorius - had been turned into an all-purpose symbol of moral and social rot. The speed, and in some instances glee, with which moral entrepreneurs have swarmed around this tragic event has been horrible. Before we know the full facts of the case, various campaigners are milking it for moral mileage, effectively building soapboxes for themselves on the rubble of Steenkamp's and Pistorius's ruined lives.

First out of the starting blocks to exploit Paralympian Pistorius's predicament was the anti-domestic violence lobby. Not bothering to do anything so bourgeois and vulgar as to wait to find out why Pistorius shot Steenkamp - he says he mistook her for an intruder; others say he murdered her from jealousy - feminist writers have instead bundled the whole thing up as Yet More Male Violence. As a CNN headline put it: 'The Pistorius case and the plague of violence against women.' That is, this cannot be understood as an individual tragedy, a specific case of mistaken identity or crime of passion, but instead must be turned into a big, featureless moral drama designed to, in the words of CNN, 'teach men from the earliest age that violence against women... is unacceptable'.

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