Gay marriage, Ill Manors, Q&A with Jennie Bristow 


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Essay preview

Gay marriage is presented as an issue of equal rights, but it’s better understood as a top-down overhaul of the institution of marriage.

Hero and Zero

Tim Black tackles the BBC’s increasingly wretched Panorama series and finds someone to cheer in footballer Andriy Shevchenko.



British politics

For the ‘chaotic’ working
classes, there’s no Plan B

You know we live in politically conformist times when an edgy new movie about working-class life is indistinguishable from David Cameron’s latest assault on ‘troubled families’.

This week, Cameron’s government upped the ante in its handwringing over ‘chaotic families’, with communities secretary Eric Pickles telling us that these unfortunate families are stuck in a ‘cycle of deprivation’. Also this week, urban rapper Plan B’s new film Ill Manors, praised as ‘brutally eloquent’, is showing in cinemas across the land, with a message that is identical to that spouted by Pickles: namely, that working-class communities are screwed up and in need of saving by social-worker superheroes.

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