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Hero and Zero

Tim Black lambasts Leveson's grand inquisitor but has some praise for an inspiring insurance salesman from Oz.

Essay preview

Jennie Bristow critiques the idea that women seeking abortion should be encouraged to give birth and do adoption instead.



Eurozone crisis

Sorry, but SYRIZA won’t save Europe

SYRIZA, the radical left-wing coalition that came second in the recent Greek elections, is being talked about as the spearhead of a new European movement against austerity. These edgy young Greeks, whose offices are apparently covered in Communist posters and stickers saying ‘Revolution!’, are reportedly leading a ‘great revolt’ against austerity. Where Angela Merkel and her dwindling minions want to immiserate the workers by forcing struggling Euro countries to cut public expenditure and live more austerely, SYRIZA is at the ‘forefront of the anti-austerity backlash’, commentators tell us.

Are they serious? SYRIZA will lead us out of slow-growth, or rather no-growth, and towards post-austerity? This coalition whose largest party, Synaspismos, says ‘don't even think about it!’ to nuclear energy on the basis that it poses ‘a lethal danger to the people and the environment’? This coalition that believes that a key problem in modern Europe is over-use of energy, and therefore we need ‘a radical change of the production and consumption models’ to make people learn to live on less energy? This group of activists that demands the institutionalisation of ‘sustainable development’ (read ‘no development') in order to coax Europeans to ‘live and work as ecologically responsible people’? This coalition that is so uncomfortable with the idea of big economic growth that in 2003 its key member changed its name from Coalition of the Left and Progress to Coalition of the Left and Ecology, lest anyone accidentally think it was interested in pursuing proper progress when all it really wants is to create a vapid-sounding ‘ecologically-oriented, compassionate world’?

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