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spiked issue: Abortion

-- Tue 9 February --
Why we must
trust women

Support bpas’s campaign to decriminalise abortion.
by Ella Whelan

-- Mon 8 February --
Zika: why all women must have abortion rights
Every woman, not just those threatened by Zika, should have choice.
by Ann Furedi

-- Wed 2 December --
The best abortion law is no abortion law at all
Northern Ireland's abortion ruling is a small step in the right direction.
by Ann Furedi

-- Mon 19 October --
Why the fight for women’s choice must go on
Forget ‘reproductive justice’ – let’s stand up for women’s autonomy.
by Ann Furedi

-- Fri 25 September --
Planned Parenthood: pro‑choicers should go on the offensive
Stop apologising for providing an essential service for women.
by David Nolan

-- Wed 23 September --
#ShoutYourAbortion: a Twitter group hug won’t save Planned Parenthood

by Ella Whelan

-- Tue 7 July --
Trust women: our Charter for Choice
Ann Furedi on why we should trust women to make reproductive choices.
by Ann Furedi

-- Tue 17 February --
The 10 worst US states for abortion rights
Land of the free? Think again.
by Carrie Levi

-- Tue 17 February --
Stop Gendercide: a dangerous campaign
Changes to the UK criminal law could put abortion doctors on trial.
by Ellie Lee

-- Thu 29 January --
In the struggle over abortion access, BPAS isn’t backing off
Why restricting clinic protests is not an attack on political freedom.
by Ann Furedi

-- Mon 26 January --
Pro-choice and pro-free speech: say no to buffer zones
Wendy Kaminer on why she opposes restrictions on anti-abortion protests.
by Wendy Kaminer

-- Mon 29 December --
Why anti-abortion protesters must Back Off
The CEO of bpas explains why buffer zones are needed outside abortion clinics.
by Ann Furedi

-- Fri 19 December --
‘It’s about time someone said abortion is a social good’
Ann Furedi discusses Katha Pollitt's Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights.
by spiked podcast

-- Wed 26 November --
The moral crusade against pro-life students
Pro-life societies are being censored. Now, a fightback has begun.
by Tom Slater

-- Thu 20 November --
Why I am pro-choice
Read the speech Brendan O’Neill was banned from making at Oxford University.
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Wed 14 May --
The pro-choice lobby should celebrate, not censor debate
Ann Furedi on the moral cowardice of No Platforming anti-choice activists.
by Ann Furedi

-- Mon 14 April --
Cardiff University:
anti-free speech

by Ivor Jones

-- Tue 28 January --
People must be free to protest against abortion
Why I support the right of anti-choice activists to rally outside abortion clinics.
by Wendy Kaminer

-- Mon 27 January --
The myth of sex‑selective abortions
In our weekly podcast from spiked plus, the head of BPAS says you're either pro-choice or you're not.
by Ann Furedi

-- Mon 20 January --
Saving the girl child or destroying women’s rights?
An Indian pro-choice activist on the damage done by the ‘gendercide’ panic.
by Brendan O’Neill

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