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spiked issue: Asia

-- Tue 6 October --
Bangladesh: one murder does not a terror attack make

by Al Parkes

-- Thu 6 August --
The youths who told the truth about Hiroshima
How an education charity confronted the horrors of the Bomb.
by Ceri Dingle

-- Tue 24 March --
The Communist who made Singapore a capitalist success
Lee Kuan Yew transformed a small trading post – but at a cost.
by James Heartfield

-- Tue 24 March --
Lee Kuan Yew: the last of the great authoritarians
Love him or loathe him, he had something his successors lack.
by Bill Durodié

-- Fri 14 November --
Don’t blame judges for the decline of democracy
It’s not just bureaucrats who are suspicious of the demos.
by Jon Holbrook

-- Wed 17 September --
After the Sewol disaster: the future of South Korea
The sinking of a ship packed with schoolchildren is unravelling political life in Korea.
by Mark Beachill

-- Tue 26 August --
Japan should tell the UN where to stick its hate-speech laws

by Jack Prescott

-- Tue 29 April --
South Korea ferry disaster: playing the blame game
Pundits have even blamed South Korean culture for the Sewol tragedy.
by Tim Black

-- Wed 19 March --
MH370: conspiracy theorists adore a vacuum
The endless speculation about that Malaysian plane is doing no one any favours.
by Tim Black

-- Wed 22 January --
Well-off NGOs celebrating tribal poverty
Survival International's 'proud not primitive' campaign celebrates hardship and backwardness.
by Sadhvi Sharma

-- Wed 30 October --
The fall and fall of Asian fertility
The unwillingness of young Asians to start families echoes a worldwide rejection of the capacity to live independently.
by Stuart Derbyshire

-- Fri 2 August --
The human spirit doesn’t mind the gap
Commuters in Japan show the way when rescuing a woman trapped underneath a train.
by Saira Khan

-- Mon 22 July --
How the West exploits brave Malala
Malala Yousafzai, a brave young Pakistani woman, is being used to give a positive sheen to external intervention.
by Tara McCormack

-- Thu 2 May --
The political malaise in Malaysia
There is no doubting the desire for a change of government in Kuala Lumpur, but the choices on offer are uninspiring.
by Para Mullan

-- Tue 30 April --
How Britannia became cool in HK
Hongkongers are standing up to their new bosses in Beijing by embracing the fashions of their old colonial masters.
by Kenny Hodgart

-- Thu 4 April --
North Korea: a tale of two superpowers
The latest round of instability on the Korean peninsula reveals a great deal about American and Chinese influence today.
by Tim Black

-- Tue 12 March --
Keeping tribes in cultural formaldehyde
India’s Supreme Court is right to reject a Western-led bid to keep the Jarawa people isolated from everybody else.
by Patrick Hayes

-- Mon 3 September --
Big trouble in the East China Sea
A row between Japan, China and Taiwan over a few small islands reveals the arbitrariness of international relations.
by James Woudhuysen

-- Wed 4 April --
The birth of democracy in Burma? Sadly not
Aung San Suu Kyi’s electoral victory is less the product of people power than of deal-making between the US and the military junta.
by Tim Black

-- Thu 19 January --
India’s inspiring war on polio
The massive human effort that helped make India polio-free shows that greater wealth brings greater health.
by Sadhvi Sharma

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