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spiked issue: Iraq

-- Sun 27 December --
The year the West terrorised itself
The West needs to beat Islamism on the battlefield of ideas.
by Frank Furedi

-- Mon 16 November --
After Paris:
victory to the Kurds

Why are so few Westerners standing with, or fighting with, the Kurds?
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Mon 14 September --
The moral cowardice of the drone debate
Who cares if killing those jihadis was legal? The question is: was it right?
by Luke Gittos

-- Wed 29 July --
Once again, the Kurds are betrayed
Western support for Turkey's assault on the Kurds is a familiar treachery.
by Tim Black

-- Tue 16 June --
Exploding the myth of radicalisation
Blaming some young Brits' attraction to ISIS on online grooming is a fudge.
by Frank Furedi

-- Tue 2 June --
Why can’t the West fight ISIS?
Underpinning the semi-war against ISIS is a profound lack of moral authority.
by Tim Black

-- Thu 2 April --
‘She’s an inspiration, not a criminal’
VIDEO: Kurdish Londonders demand the release of anti-ISIS fighter Shilan Ozcelik.
by Spiked team

-- Mon 9 March --
ISIS’s very modern war on the past
It is not just the museum-destroying Islamic State that yearns for a Year Zero.
by Frank Furedi

-- Thu 26 February --
Is ISIS going to invade Europe from Libya?
In a nutshell, no. So stop the scaremongering.
by Henry Williams

-- Mon 23 February --
An ominous pilgrimage to Syria: what made them go?
Blaming jihadist ‘groomers’ for warping young Brits’ minds is a moral copout.
by Frank Furedi

-- Tue 10 February --
‘Hey, who are we to judge the Islamic State?’
Why many in the West are so cagey about condemning IS.
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Thu 5 February --
The Western press is now the PR wing of the Islamic State
In poring over its murder-stunt videos, we give IS exactly what it wants.
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Thu 22 January --
Waiting for Chilcot
Why politicians and pundits are so desperate to see the Iraq War report.
by Tim Black

-- Thu 20 November --
From the London riots to the Islamic State
Jihadi John's alleged involvement in the riots makes perfect sense.
by Tim Black

-- Wed 8 October --
In praise of Arin Mirkan
The Kurdish ‘suicide bomber’ dealt a psychological blow to IS – and the West.
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Wed 8 October --
Why are young Brits joining IS?

by WORLDbytes

-- Wed 8 October --
Intervention is making things worse – again
The airstrikes in Iraq will help nobody – except maybe IS.
by Tim Black

-- Wed 8 October --
Cameron is doing the Islamic State’s work for it
Our government would rather crack down on its citizens' liberty than enter into a battle of ideas with IS.
by Luke Gittos

-- Mon 15 September --
The West’s sad semi-war against ISIS is worse than useless
Our leaders say the Islamic State threatens civilisation – why won’t they fight it?
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Tue 9 September --
ISIS defectors should be allowed to return
Standing by its principles is Britain's best weapon against ISIS.
by Luke Gittos

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