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spiked issue: Iraq

-- Thu 22 January --
Waiting for Chilcot
Why politicians and pundits are so desperate to see the Iraq War report.
by Tim Black

-- Thu 20 November --
From the London riots to the Islamic State
Jihadi John's alleged involvement in the riots makes perfect sense.
by Tim Black

-- Wed 8 October --
In praise of Arin Mirkan
The Kurdish ‘suicide bomber’ dealt a psychological blow to IS – and the West.
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Wed 8 October --
Why are young Brits joining IS?

by WORLDbytes

-- Wed 8 October --
Intervention is making things worse – again
The airstrikes in Iraq will help nobody – except maybe IS.
by Tim Black

-- Wed 8 October --
Cameron is doing the Islamic State’s work for it
Our government would rather crack down on its citizens' liberty than enter into a battle of ideas with IS.
by Luke Gittos

-- Mon 15 September --
The West’s sad semi-war against ISIS is worse than useless
Our leaders say the Islamic State threatens civilisation – why won’t they fight it?
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Tue 9 September --
ISIS defectors should be allowed to return
Standing by its principles is Britain's best weapon against ISIS.
by Luke Gittos

-- Tue 26 August --
Caliph Cameron brings ISIS-style intolerance to Britain
Our rulers’ authoritarian response to ISIS is trashing freedom and tolerance.
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Wed 20 August --
This gruesome video contains a message to Britain, too
What that barbaric beheading tells us about a crisis of Britishness.
by Frank Furedi

-- Tue 12 August --
ISIS: a monster made by the moralists of the West
The West weeps over the Yazidi people, yet is responsible for their suffering.
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Fri 4 July --
ISIS, intervention and the unravelling of the Middle East
Podcast: Karl Sharro, Brendan O'Neill and Bill Durodié debate the crisis in Iraq.
by spiked podcast

-- Tue 1 July --
‘Jihad cool’: an Islamist version of Occupy
The Brits who become jihadists have some very familiar-sounding prejudices.
by Frank Furedi

-- Mon 16 June --
Iraq: there is no Western solution, and never was one
Western intervention has destroyed Iraq, as spiked predicted it would.
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Tue 3 June --
We don’t need a judge to tell us Iraq was wrong
It’s moral cowardice to beg Chilcot to condemn Bush and Blair.
by Tim Black

-- Thu 9 January --
The unlearnt lessons of Iraq
The real beneficiary of Western intervention is al-Qaeda.
by Tim Black

-- Fri 27 September --
How the West destroyed Iraq
The bloody mess created by the occupation of Iraq was built on the West's own weakness and incoherence.
by Tara McCormack

-- Sat 29 June --
MoD litigation: making judges into gods of war
The UK Supreme Court ruling that servicemen can sue the Ministry of Defence for negligence is a disaster for troop morale and the public good.
by Jon Holbrook

-- Thu 14 February --
15 February 2003: the myth of a mass uprising
The aim of that million-strong demo 10 years ago was not to stop the invasion of Iraq but merely to advertise decent people’s distaste for it.
by Tim Black

-- Mon 4 February --
Cameron - the heir to Blairite barbarism
It is fitting that Tony Blair should cheer Cameron's meddling in Africa, considering it's driven by shallow, reckless, Blair-style posturing.
by Tim Black

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