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spiked issue: War on Iraq

-- Thu 9 January --
The unlearnt lessons of Iraq
The real beneficiary of Western intervention is al-Qaeda.
by Tim Black

-- Fri 27 September --
How the West destroyed Iraq
The bloody mess created by the occupation of Iraq was built on the West's own weakness and incoherence.
by Tara McCormack

-- Sat 29 June --
MoD litigation: making judges into gods of war
The UK Supreme Court ruling that servicemen can sue the Ministry of Defence for negligence is a disaster for troop morale and the public good.
by Jon Holbrook

-- Thu 14 February --
15 February 2003: the myth of a mass uprising
The aim of that million-strong demo 10 years ago was not to stop the invasion of Iraq but merely to advertise decent people’s distaste for it.
by Tim Black

-- Mon 4 February --
Cameron - the heir to Blairite barbarism
It is fitting that Tony Blair should cheer Cameron's meddling in Africa, considering it's driven by shallow, reckless, Blair-style posturing.
by Tim Black

-- Thu 18 August --
Why the US is still stuck in Iraq
The interminable occupation of Iraq exposes the crazy idea that Western forces can liberate foreign peoples.
by Tim Black

-- Wed 13 July --
The Human Rights Watch plan to save US imperialism
HRW is demanding that Bush be tried for war crimes only because it wants to resuscitate US authority over the uncivilised hordes.
by Tim Black

-- Thu 16 June --
Is the Archbishop still having sleepless nights?
Moralists who were outraged by America’s killing of bin Laden have said diddly-squat about subsequent assassinations.
by Patrick Hayes

-- Thu 2 September --
The US withdrew from Iraq a long time ago
The removal of US troops isn’t that significant. Politically and emotionally, Washington left Iraq some time around 2004.
by Tim Black

-- Thu 19 August --
The chattering classes’ favourite conspiracy theory
The idea that David Kelly was murdered is as baseless as the idea that Bush crashed planes into the Twin Towers. So why is it so respectable?
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Thu 29 July --
Hans Blix’s Stalinist rewriting of history
Far from being anti-war heroes, UN weapons inspectors paved the way for the bombing of the ‘bastards’ and ‘moral lepers’ of Iraq.
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Tue 9 March --
Britons, why can’t you be more like Iraqis?
Political observers are cynically celebrating the Iraqi elections as a welcome contrast to dumb apathy here at home.
by Tim Black

-- Mon 1 February --
Why don’t they just hang Blair and have done with it?
The shrillness and rank stupidity of the anti-Blair hysteria around the Iraq inquiry echoes the way Saddam was monstered to justify the war.
by Mick Hume

-- Wed 13 January --
Why they hate this ‘modern Machiavelli’
The idea that Alastair Campbell is single-handedly responsible for the disaster of Iraq is politically bonkers.
by Tim Black

-- Wed 16 December --
Which fool ever thought the Iraq War was about WMD?
The most surprising thing about Tony Blair’s ‘revelation’ that he would have deposed Saddam regardless was that so many found it shocking.
by Mick Hume

-- Wed 9 December --
We need honest debate, not a bureaucratic inquiry
We wouldn’t need another bloody inquiry into Iraq if there had been some serious moral and political discussion about the war.
by Tim Black

-- Wed 17 June --
Iraq: we don’t need another inquiry
Supine, shameless politicians want a public inquiry to do what they signally failed to do six years ago: refute the case for invading Iraq.
by Tim Black

-- Thu 26 February --
The cult of transparency is a threat to democracy
I’m opposed to the Iraq war and to Jack Straw. But he has a point when he says that not all Cabinet minutes should be published.
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Tue 14 October --
British forces: a token army of occupation
The Iraqi PM’s attack on Britain’s lack of commitment in Basra has shot a hole in the government’s ‘Iraq Story’.
by David Chandler

-- Thu 20 March --
Why haven’t they learned the lesson of Iraq?
On the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war, spiked’s criticisms of the war and the anti-war movement have been vindicated.
by Brendan O’Neill

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