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spiked issue: Iraq

-- Wed 8 October --
In praise of Arin Mirkan
The Kurdish ‘suicide bomber’ dealt a psychological blow to IS – and the West.
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Wed 8 October --
Why are young Brits joining IS?

by WORLDbytes

-- Wed 8 October --
Intervention is making things worse – again
The airstrikes in Iraq will help nobody – except maybe IS.
by Tim Black

-- Wed 8 October --
Cameron is doing the Islamic State’s work for it
Our government would rather crack down on its citizens' liberty than enter into a battle of ideas with IS.
by Luke Gittos

-- Mon 15 September --
The West’s sad semi-war against ISIS is worse than useless
Our leaders say the Islamic State threatens civilisation – why won’t they fight it?
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Tue 9 September --
ISIS defectors should be allowed to return
Standing by its principles is Britain's best weapon against ISIS.
by Luke Gittos

-- Tue 26 August --
Caliph Cameron brings ISIS-style intolerance to Britain
Our rulers’ authoritarian response to ISIS is trashing freedom and tolerance.
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Wed 20 August --
This gruesome video contains a message to Britain, too
What that barbaric beheading tells us about a crisis of Britishness.
by Frank Furedi

-- Tue 12 August --
ISIS: a monster made by the moralists of the West
The West weeps over the Yazidi people, yet is responsible for their suffering.
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Fri 4 July --
ISIS, intervention and the unravelling of the Middle East
Podcast: Karl Sharro, Brendan O'Neill and Bill Durodié debate the crisis in Iraq.
by spiked podcast

-- Tue 1 July --
‘Jihad cool’: an Islamist version of Occupy
The Brits who become jihadists have some very familiar-sounding prejudices.
by Frank Furedi

-- Mon 16 June --
Iraq: there is no Western solution, and never was one
Western intervention has destroyed Iraq, as spiked predicted it would.
by Brendan O’Neill

-- Tue 3 June --
We don’t need a judge to tell us Iraq was wrong
It’s moral cowardice to beg Chilcot to condemn Bush and Blair.
by Tim Black

-- Thu 9 January --
The unlearnt lessons of Iraq
The real beneficiary of Western intervention is al-Qaeda.
by Tim Black

-- Fri 27 September --
How the West destroyed Iraq
The bloody mess created by the occupation of Iraq was built on the West's own weakness and incoherence.
by Tara McCormack

-- Sat 29 June --
MoD litigation: making judges into gods of war
The UK Supreme Court ruling that servicemen can sue the Ministry of Defence for negligence is a disaster for troop morale and the public good.
by Jon Holbrook

-- Thu 14 February --
15 February 2003: the myth of a mass uprising
The aim of that million-strong demo 10 years ago was not to stop the invasion of Iraq but merely to advertise decent people’s distaste for it.
by Tim Black

-- Mon 4 February --
Cameron - the heir to Blairite barbarism
It is fitting that Tony Blair should cheer Cameron's meddling in Africa, considering it's driven by shallow, reckless, Blair-style posturing.
by Tim Black

-- Thu 18 August --
Why the US is still stuck in Iraq
The interminable occupation of Iraq exposes the crazy idea that Western forces can liberate foreign peoples.
by Tim Black

-- Wed 13 July --
The Human Rights Watch plan to save US imperialism
HRW is demanding that Bush be tried for war crimes only because it wants to resuscitate US authority over the uncivilised hordes.
by Tim Black

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