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spiked issue: Scotland

-- Mon 19 May --
‘Named persons’: child protection at its most dystopian

by Stuart Waiton

-- Wed 23 April --
Vote against independence or we’re doomed!
Those campaigning for a ‘no’ vote in the Scottish referendum are blowing it by being relentlessly negative.
by Rob Lyons

-- Mon 14 April --
If Scotland goes, it should take Northern Ireland with it
Scottish independence would spell the end of British identity in Ulster.
by Patrick West

-- Mon 17 February --
Separate currency? Why separate Scotland at all, Mr Salmond?

by Rob Lyons

-- Thu 30 January --
Scotland the scaredy‑cat?
Stop trying to frighten Scots off independence.
by Mick Hume

-- Thu 28 November --
The SNP’s fight for independence: Braveheart it ain’t
Splitting up the UK would be pointlessly divisive.
by Rob Lyons

-- Wed 2 October --
16-year-olds aren't adults, so why give them the vote?
The SNP’s extension of the franchise to 16-year-olds is a cynical move.
by Craig Fairnington

-- Fri 30 August --
The theatre: ‘A space for society to dream itself’
Lorne Campbell, curator of The Bloody Great Border Ballad Project, talks about the sorry state of political debate and how theatre can enrich it.
by Tom Slater

-- Mon 22 July --
Scotland and Catalonia: the weird alliance
Catalans who made common cause with Scottish nationalists are getting cold feet now that it seems Scottish independence won’t happen.
by Patrick West

-- Tue 7 May --
The collapse of
liberty in Scotland

From hiding away cigarettes to hiking up the price of booze – Scotland is a world-beater in state nannying.
by Stuart Waiton

-- Mon 15 October --
Scotland: the world’s most childish nation
The SNP thinks children should be trusted with votes in a referendum, but adults shouldn't be trusted with booze and fags.
by Rob Lyons

-- Thu 12 January --
Cameron and Salmond: like kids playing with matches
The row over a Scottish referendum looks less a struggle between Unionism and Nationalism than a dangerous game of all-party opportunism.
by Mick Hume

-- Thu 12 January --
SNP: world-beaters in authoritarianism
The SNP claims to be concerned about Scottish people’s freedom. So why is it always legislating against it?
by Tim Black

-- Fri 14 October --
Let’s stand up for the 90-minute bigots
Far from being a symbol of ‘deep hatreds’ in Scottish society, sectarian abuse at Celtic/ Rangers games is just footballing fun.
by Kevin Rooney

-- Tue 6 September --
The birth of the
non-political party

The plan to disband the Conservative Party in Scotland is only the latest sign of the disintegration of UK politics.
by Tim Black

-- Tue 21 June --
No free speech for football fans
Celtic and Rangers supporters should unite in fury against repressive new laws being passed in Scotland.
by Kevin Rooney

-- Tue 10 May --
Why Alex Salmond is not Braveheart
The SNP’s historic win reveals disillusionment with the other parties, not a desire for Scottish independence.
by Craig Fairnington

-- Tue 10 May --
The mirage of Scottish liberation
The author of The Illusion of Freedom: Scotland Under Nationalism traces the rise and rise of the SNP.
by Tom Gallagher

-- Thu 21 April --
Turning football fans into snitches
It’s time Old Firm fans stopped telling tales on one another and united against the authorities’ behaviour police.
by Kevin Rooney

-- Thu 10 March --
Demonising Celtic and Rangers fans
As the reaction to the recent Old Firm game shows, bashing fans is easier for politicians than solving Scotland’s real problems.
by Kevin Rooney

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