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spiked issue: Scotland

-- Tue 21 June --
No free speech for football fans
Celtic and Rangers supporters should unite in fury against repressive new laws being passed in Scotland.
by Kevin Rooney

-- Tue 10 May --
Why Alex Salmond is not Braveheart
The SNP’s historic win reveals disillusionment with the other parties, not a desire for Scottish independence.
by Craig Fairnington

-- Tue 10 May --
The mirage of Scottish liberation
The author of The Illusion of Freedom: Scotland Under Nationalism traces the rise and rise of the SNP.
by Tom Gallagher

-- Thu 21 April --
Turning football fans into snitches
It’s time Old Firm fans stopped telling tales on one another and united against the authorities’ behaviour police.
by Kevin Rooney

-- Thu 10 March --
Demonising Celtic and Rangers fans
As the reaction to the recent Old Firm game shows, bashing fans is easier for politicians than solving Scotland’s real problems.
by Kevin Rooney

-- Tue 1 February --
Tommy Sheridan: hoist with the left’s own petard
The imprisonment of Scottish socialist Sheridan is a disgrace to justice – and a sign of the danger of having illusions in the state.
by Mick Hume

-- Thu 11 November --
Why Celtic fans won’t join in the poppy parade
The poppy is a political symbol. So why are players and fans being told to conform with the idea of wearing one?
by Kevin Rooney

-- Mon 21 June --
The myth of the smokefree health miracle
The evidence that bans on public smoking reduce the number of heart attacks is still woefully thin.
by Christopher Snowdon

-- Fri 20 November --
The crisis of Scottish football, part 147
This week’s sacking of Scotland manager George Burley won’t make a mediocre generation of players any better.
by Duleep Allirajah

-- Tue 17 November --
Election: up for grabs, but nothing to play for
As Gordon Brown launches the General Election campaign, the one certainty seems to be that we won't be offered any political choice.
by Mick Hume

-- Thu 24 September --
The myth of the smoking ban ‘miracle’
Restrictions on smoking around the world are claimed to have had a dramatic effect on heart attack rates. It's not true.
by Christopher Snowdon

-- Wed 2 September --
How about a Celtic-Rangers rebellion?
A Celtic fan invites Rangers fans to join him in taking a stand against the authoritarian policing of Scottish football.
by Kevin Rooney

-- Mon 24 August --
Al-Megrahi and the crisis of political leadership
The British government’s mismanagement of the al-Megrahi affair exposes its utter lack of intellectual, moral and political authority.
by Frank Furedi

-- Fri 21 August --
Lockerbie: what’s justice got to do with it?
International politics, not truth or fair play, has been the determining factor in the story of Pan Am flight 103.
by Rob Lyons

-- Fri 14 August --
There’s more to Calvin than dourness and asceticism
We have forgotten that John Calvin was not only a severe Christian but also a key figure in the intellectual making of the modern world.
by Dolan Cummings

-- Fri 22 August --
Why I am rabid about Rabbie
Ignore Jeremy Paxman’s attack on Robert Burns for being sentimental. The Scottish Bard was a fine, humanist poet.
by Shirley Dent

-- Fri 29 February --
Defending Rangers from football’s Thought Police
A lifelong supporter of Celtic explains why he’s opposed to the intensified policing of Rangers fans’ chants and behaviour by a gang of moralistic politicians, cops and commentators.
by Kevin Rooney

-- Thu 10 May --
Scotland: almost afraid to know itself
Alex Salmond as Braveheart? Actually the increased vote for his Scottish National Party was born of desperation, not conviction.
by Dolan Cummings

-- Wed 2 May --
The end of the Union?
A victory for the Scottish National Party in this week's Scottish Parliament elections would be less a Braveheart cry for 'freedom!' than a snub to New Labour.
by Lee Jones

-- Wed 11 May --
No ‘Scottish solution’
Politics in Scotland suffers from the same ailments as politics in England.
by Dolan Cummings

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