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Wednesday 30 July 2014 Home
Tim Black
Yes, freedom of speech should be absolute
This fundamental liberty shouldn’t be killed with qualifications.
Wendy Kaminer
Free speech doesn’t end at the doors to an abortion clinic
Anti-protester buffer zones around abortion facilities are illiberal.

Marjorie Heins
Free speech on campus: it’s complicated
The university may be the ‘quintessential marketplace of ideas’, but we still need to decide what can and can't be said.

Tuesday 29 July 2014
Joanna Williams
Cut the crap about the gender pay gap
For a new generation of women, the pay gap is history.

Neil Ross
Campaign finance: even billionaires deserve free speech
Big money isn't the problem in US politics - the lack of big ideas is.

Neil Davenport
Britain’s timid teens need to go to the pub
Young Brits’ aversion to booze and pubs is stunting their development.

Monday 28 July 2014
Rob Lyons
Sarah Wollaston: supersizing state intervention in our lives

Frank Furedi
The Great War: the first global jihad?
100 years on: How many saw the war as a means to spiritual salvation.

Rossa Minogue
Sisi: groping for Western approval
The real target of the Egyptian dictator’s clampdown on sexual harassment is political dissent.

Patrick Hayes
End of the road for the Andaman Islanders?
Survival International wants to keep an entire island’s inhabitants living in the Stone Age.

Friday 25 July 2014
Brendan O’Neill
Ed Miliband did to Libya what Israel has done to Gaza

Nathalie Farrugia
David Ruffley: the dangers of making the personal political

Guy Pierce
Colin Brazier: emotional journalism hits a new low

Sandy Starr
Happy birthday, IVF babies

Daniel Ben-Ami
Liberals against liberalism
How did liberals become so elitist and contemptuous of the public?

Tom Slater
Five reasons why it’s rock’n’roll to avoid tax
It’s official: the Arctic Monkeys are rock legends.

Alex Dean
Anti-doping cynics need to take a chill pill
Ex-doper Justin Gatlin deserves our praise for his brilliant comeback.

Thursday 24 July 2014
Brendan O’Neill
Your pity for Palestinians is making things worse in Gaza
Western thirst for images of the dead could be contributing to the bloodshed.

Luke Gittos
Sexting: another pervy panic
The UK authorities' creepy interest in teens' sex lives is doing real harm.

Wednesday 23 July 2014
Tim Black
Let Lib Dems commit ‘tweetcrimes’

Jon Fuge
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: a blockbuster that doesn’t drag its knuckles

Alex Dean
Eminem and free speech given a

Frank Furedi
MH17: our generation’s Franz Ferdinand moment?
Yes, there are similarities between July 2014 and July 1914 – but differences, too.

Tiffany Jenkins
Israel-bashing comes to the Fringe
Those calling for the boycotting of an Israeli show are censors in liberal clothing.

Peter D Williams
The anti-Catholic crackdown at UCLU
How students' union zealots are stifling controversial ethical debates.

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25 July 2014
Ed Miliband did to Libya what Israel has done to Gaza
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