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Saturday 25 February 2017 Home
Brendan O’Neill
The Culture War over Sweden
The Trump Sweden controversy shines a light on the West’s disarray.
spiked podcast
‘We must reawaken the spirit of democracy’
Podcast: Mick Hume on his new book, Revolting!

Friday 24 February 2017
Tom Slater
After Copeland, Labour’s days are numbered
Labour is beyond saving. Who will speak for the working class?

Jon O’Brien
‘I decide’: Jane Roe and the struggle for autonomy
Norma McCorvey’s life is a testament to the importance of choice.

Patrick West
Meet the NHS extremists
Worship of the NHS is the dying cry of Labourism.

Patrick Marmion
Return to The Cherry Orchard
Chekhov’s play on the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution.

Thursday 23 February 2017
Tessa Mayes
Censorship and art don’t mix
Galleries must be free to exhibit offensive, even bigoted, work.

Mick Hume
Five Revolting! reasons to fight for democracy today
Mick Hume on some ideas behind his new book, out now.

Rob Lyons
Live longer and prosper? Yes, we will
A new study on rising longevity around the world puts health fears into perspective.

Alastair Donald
Living Freedom
Apply now for a new three-day school devoted to liberty.

Wednesday 22 February 2017
Jacob Furedi
Stoke: the people vs the political class
Jacob Furedi reports from a city in revolt against Westminster politics.

Naomi Firsht
The Greek tragedy continues
The EU’s crushing of Greece shows it is no friend of workers.

Patrick Marmion
In defence of Wayne Shaw
The sacking of the pie-eating keeper speaks to the sanitisation of football.

Ella Whelan
The tyranny of ‘breast is best’
The breastfeeding crusade undermines mothers’ autonomy.

Christian Butler
PewDiePie is not an anti-Semite
Why is the media smearing this juvenile YouTuber?

Tuesday 21 February 2017
Tim Black
Paul Nuttall: following the trail Blair blazed
The UKIP leader’s Hillsborough claims are in a political-class tradition.

Pauline Hadaway
The EU is no friend of the Irish
Ireland's interests lie with links to Britain not Brussels.

Fraser Myers
Facebook fascists are no threat to the West
No, far-right British bloggers did not swing the US election.

Monday 20 February 2017
Andrew Calcutt
The Moorside: how the other half doesn’t live
The BBC’s dramatisation of the Shannon Matthews case expresses the worldview of a cut-off elite.

Brendan O’Neill
What fascism is, and isn’t
Trump’s America doesn’t even come close to fascism.

Frank Furedi
‘Just like Hitler’: the diminishing of the Holocaust
Exploiting the Holocaust for political ends is a dangerous game.

Tom Bailey
Trump’s critics are falling for conspiracy theories
Bannon is no more a fascist than Obama was a Marxist.

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25 February 2017
The Culture War over Sweden
23 February 2017
Five Revolting! reasons to fight for democracy today

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