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Friday 31 October 2014 Home
Joanna Williams
Global gender gap: equality is overrated
Ignore the myopic miserablists; British women have never had it so good.
Tom Strong
Educating the East End: school as soap opera
The latest fly-on-the-wall education doc shows how British schools have become centres of therapy rather than learning.

Shingi Mararike
Balotelli-bashing: why always Mario?
Knocking the Italian striker has become a media obsession.

Thursday 30 October 2014
Nancy McDermott
Hollaback: desperately seeking outrage

Mick Hume
The awful truth about free speech
Time to stop paying lip service to the principle and take a stand in practice.

Rossa Minogue
We need more, not fewer people
The scourge ravaging humanity is not overpopulation; it’s underdevelopment.

Tara McCormack
The EU: an accidental warmonger
European politicians have a lot to answer for in Ukraine.

Wednesday 29 October 2014
Tom Slater
Student censors – the children of an academy in crisis
Academics’ abandonment of knowledge has green-lit campus censorship.

James Woudhuysen
Transport: breaking through the impasse
ESSAY: Six arguments for innovation in transport.

Rob Lyons
HS3: we need more ambition and less spin
The UK needs cheaper, quicker and easier transport – fast.

Tuesday 28 October 2014
Elsa Makouezi
Students must fight for their right to chant

Tim Black
Canada’s terror: sad lone wolves, not dogs of war
Canada’s response to last week’s violence was an invitation to terrorists.

Guy Pierce
‘Bang’ goes childhood innocence

Monday 27 October 2014
Viv Regan
The fairytale feminism of FCKH8

Brendan O’Neill
Has Russell Brand really destroyed the lefty weft?
Nope – he’s merely the bastard child of the left's own self-induced decay.

Mischa Moselle
Hong Kong can’t dodge democracy forever
Mischa Moselle reports from Hong Kong on the ‘umbrella revolution’.

Friday 24 October 2014
Sam Stevens
Tattoos: a mark of conformism

Moses Dube
Weeping for Reeva, ignoring Marikana
The Western press's obsession with Pistorius has been grotesque.

spiked podcast
‘Teachers need to remind pupils who’s boss’
Tom Bennett discusses the crisis of authority in the classroom.

Duleep Allirajah
They think it’s
all ebola

The football world's response to the disease has been farcical.

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27 October 2014
Has Russell Brand really destroyed the lefty weft?
30 October 2014
The awful truth about free speech

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Man of Steel, leaden film

28 June 2013:
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