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Friday 9 October 2015 Home
Christopher Snowdon
Neoliberalism: a sick obsession
Claims that capitalism is fuelling illness rest on dodgy stats and hopeless politics.
Patrick West
The slave trade was not my fault
We can’t apologise for crimes we didn’t commit – or celebrate victories we didn't achieve.

Christopher Beckett
Gay priests: the legacy of the right-on pope

Thursday 8 October 2015
Brendan O’Neill
Why we must fight for free speech for people we loathe
Today’s backlash against censorship just isn’t good enough, says Brendan O’Neill.

Mick Hume
What’s new about No Platform mania?
A veteran of Manchester student politics recalls free-speech battles of 35 years ago.

Edgar Häner
Banning Bindel is an insult to Manchester students

Jim Butcher
Reclaiming travel... from the snobs
Why have holidays become a marker of people’s virtue?

Luke Terry
The NUS is not your mate

Wednesday 7 October 2015
Tom Slater
‘There’s nothing wrong with lads being lads’
Dapper Laughs talks free speech, lad culture and the rape joke that wasn’t.

Ella Whelan
Why I’m not a feminist
Condemning women who refuse to conform to feminism is tyrannical.

‘Women have never had it so good’

Tuesday 6 October 2015
Tim Black
After Oregon: we need to talk about narcissism
Don’t blame guns for the rise in mass shootings.

Nick Cater
The Martian: a paean to human ingenuity
Ridley Scott's movie is a rallying cry for conquering new frontiers.

Greg Ashman
Teachers have lost their mojo
The motivation to learn comes from knowledge, not teaching methods.

Al Parkes
Bangladesh: one murder does not a terror attack make

Monday 5 October 2015
Guy Birchall
The plastic-bag charge: a tax on choice

Luke Gittos
There’s no such thing as modern slavery
The Modern Slavery Act is immigration control by the backdoor.

Bernie Whelan
Brian Friel: Ireland’s
cultural hero

The late playwright championed Ireland's modern identity.

Friday 2 October 2015
Tim Black
Raymond Tallis and the meaning of life
Britain’s leading polymath on life, death and why he loves James Joyce.

Alexander Adams
Pound: poet and political prisoner
A new biography shows us just how brilliant, and dangerous, Ezra Pound was.

Irene Ogrizek
Chrissie Hynde unedited
The Pretenders’ singer’s memoir is honest, intrepid and in need of an editor.

Ella Whelan
The risky brilliance of Lucia Berlin
The posthumous praise for A Manual For Cleaning Women is richly deserved.

Ella Whelan
Smoking in cars: why the state shouldn’t play parent

Guy Pierce
UEA’s sombrero
ban is no joke

Maren Thom
In search of the zeitgeist
A new book explores the risk-averse spirit of our times.

Michael Fitzpatrick
Why we should be cautious about celebrating autism
Steve Silberman’s Neurotribes offers a one-sided history of autism.

What’s wrong with owning firearms?
In this WORLDbytes special on gun controls, Canadian academic and author Kevin Yuill shoots from the hip.

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8 October 2015
Why we must fight for free speech for people we loathe
8 October 2015
What’s new about No Platform mania?

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