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Tuesday 20 February 2018 Home
Tim Black
America v Russia: blundering into a hot war
The killing of Russian mercenaries in Syria ramps up Cold War tensions.
Manick Govinda
Artists for Brexit
A new group says the arts should embrace this revolutionary moment.

Monday 19 February 2018
Brendan O’Neill
Stop this corporate bullying of the press
Stop Funding Hate is marshalling capitalist power to punish newspapers.

Frank Furedi
Why they love baiting the Russian bear
The West’s anti-Russia rhetoric is becoming dangerously inflamed.

Moses Dube
Zuma was not an aberration
He embodied all that is wrong with ANC rule.

Andrew Doyle
Labour needs to drop identity politics
This divisive worldview is electoral hemlock.

Friday 16 February 2018
spiked podcast
Beware the oligarchs
Podcast: Frank Furedi on the controversy over George Soros.

Brendan O’Neill
Stop playing politics with school shootings
The people who politicise these acts are playing a lethal game.

Patrick West
Why ‘moving with the times’ is overrated
The idea grid girls should be banned ‘because it’s 2018’ makes no sense.

Christian Butler
Black Panther is not the first black superhero flick
The rush to praise the new Marvel film has created a bizarre cultural amnesia.

Naomi Firsht
The heresy of criticising the NHS
When will politicians admit that our health service has major flaws?

Thursday 15 February 2018
Tom Slater
No, Bari Weiss is not a bigot
Why is a right-of-centre liberal being painted as a hatemonger?

Tim Black
It’s Remainers who are the conspiracy theorists
They are obsessed with ‘dark money’ and ‘shady’ people.

Ann Furedi
No, abortion on grounds of disability is not eugenics
These choices are personal, not a matter of public policy.

Candice Holdsworth
Peter Rabbit falls to the outrage mob
The zealotry of today's censors knows no bounds.

Wednesday 14 February 2018
Mick Hume
The EU is no friend of Irish independence
It wants to exploit border tensions to erase sovereignty in the UK – and Ireland.

Joanna Williams
Trans vs TERFs: scrabbling for the victim highground
The argument over who is a woman has descended into ugly victim politics.

Gareth Sturdy
It’s no surprise that teachers cheat
The OCR scandal shows how dysfunctional the education system has become.

Stephanie Gutmann
#MeToo is killing seduction
Male assertiveness is not necessarily a bad thing.

Tuesday 13 February 2018
Ella Whelan
The problem with Oxfam isn’t just a few dirty men
This scandal reveals the aid industry’s nasty neocolonial attitudes.

Phil Mullan
Making sense of the stock-market turmoil
There’s too much complacency about our abnormal economy.

Luke Gittos
Why is it okay to censor Christians?
Vue’s pulling of a film about gay-conversion therapy is disturbing.

Patrick Basham
Turning teen smoking into forbidden fruit
Thanks to the bans and warnings, cigarettes have never been more alluring.

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19 February 2018
Stop this corporate bullying of the press
14 February 2018
The EU is no friend of Irish independence

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