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Friday 26 May 2017 Home
Brendan O’Neill
Katie Hopkins’ sacking: the mob claims another scalp
No one is safe from the middle-class mob of offence-takers.
Dolan Cummings
Crime fiction: a moral rebellion
Detective stories dramatise humanity's revolt against chaos.

Philip Pettit
Freedom before liberalism
Philosopher Philip Pettit talks liberty, republicanism and democracy.

Daniel Ben-Ami
Utopia for miserabilists
Rutger Bregman’s supposedly utopian call for ‘free money for all’ is meant to smooth the way for savage cuts in consumption.

Frank Furedi
The ideal of autonomy
Moral independence can only flourish in a society that trusts its citizens.

Ronald Aronson
Reimagining social hope
Ronald Aronson on individualism and the re-emergence of collective agency.

Jon Holbrook
The strange death of liberal Europe
Douglas Murray offers a powerful critique of immigration, identity politics and Islam.

Vincent Descombes
The puzzle of identity
Vincent Descombes talks to Tim Black about identity, autonomy and the need to look outside of oneself.

Alexander Adams
The poet who vanished
The prodigiously talented Weldon Kees might have had it all. Then, in 1955, he disappeared.

Thursday 25 May 2017
spiked podcast
‘We have a right to be angry about Manchester’
Why we need to do more than mourn in the wake of terror attacks.

Alaa al-Ameri
Why Salman Abedi grew to hate us
A British Libyan on the poison of Islamism.

Joanna Williams
After Manchester: the cowardice of feminists
‘Toxic masculinity’ had nothing to do with this barbaric attack.

Luke Gittos
Why Assange should stand trial
The Wikileaks founder thinks he only has to answer to himself.

Wednesday 24 May 2017
Brendan O’Neill
This suspension of democracy is a grave error
Freezing the election campaign is the worst response to Manchester.

Tom Slater
Why the Twitterati hates Hopkins more than Abedi
Their response to her vile tweet has exposed their moral cowardice.

Ella Whelan
It’s wrong to have soldiers on our streets
Operation Temperer is a rash and unwise move.

Frank Furedi
Generational revenge: the politics of ageism
The youth vote is being marshalled to punish the elderly.

Andrew Calcutt
The Brexit vote: echo of a radical past
Young people could learn a lot from the ‘oldsters’ who voted Leave.

Tuesday 23 May 2017
Brendan O’Neill
After Manchester: it’s time for anger
We need more than mourning in response to the new barbarism.

Michael P Fitzpatrick
Hands off my halftime burger

Sean Collins
Remove Trump and you remove democracy
He’s a bad president, but the elitist agitation against him is worse.

Naomi Firsht
The EU is no workers’ haven
Syriza has once again capitulated to brutal EU austerity.

Monday 22 May 2017
Brendan O’Neill
Corbyn and the IRA: an infantile scandal
This gotcha moralism is childish, irritating and historically illiterate.

Tim Black
UKIP is dead, long live UKIP
Why the pro-EU establishment desperately needs to revive the spectre of Farage.

Rob Lyons
Jamie Oliver vs Theresa May
How the mockney bore politicised school meals.

Friday 19 May 2017
Tom Slater
Vote for democracy
Why spiked is getting stuck in to the General Election.

spiked podcast
Scandalmongering won’t topple Trump
Trump is bad, but the campaign against him might be even worse, says Sean Collins.

Ella Whelan
Wellbeing is not an election issue
Why are the parties so obsessed with young people's mental health?

Patrick West
Three cheers for Banksy’s Dover mural
This latest piece proves the artist's politics have matured.

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26 May 2017
Katie Hopkins’ sacking: the mob claims another scalp
18 May 2017
When Labour blames the meejah, it really means the masses

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