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Monday 27 March 2017 Home
Luke Gittos
Don’t look to Theresa May to defend freedom
After Westminster: May and her officials have liberty in their crosshairs.
Sunday 26 March 2017
spiked podcast
After Westminster: don’t give in to fear
Brendan O'Neill on why we must defend freedom in the face of terrorism.

Friday 24 March 2017
Wendy Kaminer
Trump: a president for the elites
The idea that Trump is for 'ordinary people' is bunkum.

Tom Slater
The myth of Momentum
Radical? Momentum is a tired, scared block against radicalism.

Phil Mullan
The truth about the Single Market
Ignore the fearmongers: leaving the market could be a boon for Britain.

Thursday 23 March 2017
Brendan O’Neill
Let’s refuse to play the terrorists’ game
Islamists feed off our fear. Let’s starve them.

Ella Whelan
FSUR: fuelling the free-speech fightback
Our Free Speech University Rankings continues to make waves.

Tom Bailey
The SNP isn’t interested in independence
Scottish nationalism is more about therapy than democracy.

Jacob Furedi
Remainers: skulking off to their echo chambers
Calls for a pro-EU independent London are snobbish and undemocratic.

Wednesday 22 March 2017
Naomi Firsht
Google ads: free speech on trial
Calling on Google to clean up the web is a step towards censorship.

Rob Lyons
Theresa May’s Laboured energy stunt
The Tories’ energy price cap is straight out of Labour’s failed manifesto.

Kevin Rooney
The boy from the Bogside who took on the British
To many of us in Northern Ireland, Martin McGuinness was a hero.

Tuesday 21 March 2017
Mick Hume
‘Liberal’ libel law: still a disgrace to democracy
The Hopkins case suggests the ‘new dawn’ for libel laws was false.

Tim Black
This reckless Russia-baiting must stop
Some in the West seem hell-bent on resuscitating the Cold War.

Matthias Heitmann
The Dutch revolt against the politics of fear
Dutch voters said No both to the establishment and its critics.

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23 March 2017
Let’s refuse to play the terrorists’ game
21 March 2017
‘Liberal’ libel law: still a disgrace to democracy

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