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Thursday 17 April 2014 Home
Brendan O’Neill
‘The state should never be the arbiter of what people can think’
Brendan O’Neill meets the Voltaire-inspired attorney general of Australia.
Tim Black
Turkey’s Twitter twitch-hunt
Prime Minister Erdogan’s war on social media is uncannily similar to the war on unacceptable speech in the West.

John Milton
‘Let Truth and Falsehood grapple’
John Milton on why a free and open public sphere is the best way to the truth.

Wednesday 16 April 2014
Mick Hume
The fan-bashing spirit of the Eighties lives on
Attitudes to football fans have changed since Hillsborough. But for the better?

Tom Slater
Calvary: the sins of the fathers
A black comedy about a good priest battling cynicism comes to confused and troubling conclusions.

Neil Ross
Don’t let artistic expression take the rap
Prosecuting people on the basis of song lyrics sets a horrifying precedent.

Tuesday 15 April 2014
Patrick Hayes
Oasis: bringing some swagger to Shoreditch

Dennis Hayes
‘Emotional capitalists’ need to get a grip

Niall Crowley
Twenty Feet From Stardom: the decline of the pop professional
A new documentary pays tribute to the unsung performers behind pop's biggest hits.

Monday 14 April 2014
Duleep Allirajah
‘Fat Scottish wanker’? It’s just banter
Pantomime name-calling at football matches should not be a crime.

Ivor Jones
Cardiff University:
anti-free speech

Frank Furedi
Nigel Evans trial: UK prosecutors are playing God
This showtrial gave us disturbing insights into the cult of the victim.

Patrick West
If Scotland goes, it should take Northern Ireland with it
Scottish independence would spell the end of British identity in Ulster.

Friday 11 April 2014
Frank Furedi
Let's make Paine's Age of Reason a reality
Burke's paternalism won out over Paine's liberalism. Let the fightback begin.

Dolan Cummings
India's election: the world’s largest question mark
Dolan Cummings on the biggest election in the history of mankind.

Bruno Waterfield
Orwell's war on the 'smelly little orthodoxies' of left and right
Robert Colls' superb 'intellectual biography' takes the reader into the liberty-loving, rebellious, and contrary heart of George Orwell.

Nancy McDermott
Helicopter parents vs cotton-wool kids
Parenting Culture Studies cuts through the confusing world of modern parenting.

Angus Kennedy
Matthew Arnold's error: the state is bad for culture
In order to judge 'the best which has been thought and said in the world', individuals must be free to discriminate.

Daniel Ben-Ami
Hi-tech Malthusianism does progress no favours
Tyler Cowen’s new book underestimates the benefits society could reap from new technology.

Norman Lewis
The social life of the networked teen
On social networks, kids have found the unprotected, adult-free spaces now denied to them in the real world.

The View on the Streets: Ukraine

Thursday 10 April 2014
Rossa Minogue
Unwrapping the mystery of mummies

Brendan O’Neill
Weeping for Peaches: ersatz grief gone mad
The Geldof grief-fest shows how ravenous the cult of mourning has become.

Luke Gittos
‘Victims’ justice’ is no justice at all
Labour is using victims of crime as an excuse to undermine centuries of hard-won rights for defendants.

Joanna Williams
Toby Young
vs The Blob

Young talks to spiked about his war on UK education’s child-centred orthodoxy.

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17 April 2014
‘The state should never be the arbiter of what people can think’
16 April 2014
The fan-bashing spirit of the Eighties lives on

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