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Wednesday 26 July 2017 Home
Tom Slater
Why Trump staggers on
He's cheered for what he symbolises, not what he does.
Naomi Firsht
Who is the EU to lecture Poland about democracy?
At least the Polish government is accountable to the people.

Neil Davenport
Why the middle classes love Jezza
Radical? Please. Corbyn is the heir to Blair.

Tuesday 25 July 2017
Brendan O’Neill
The Orwellian nightmare of transgender politics
The Tories’ trans proposals could make it a crime to tell the truth.

Ella Whelan
Down with this casual-sex tax
Boots' climbdown on the morning-after pill is a good start.

Luke Gittos
Betsy DeVos is right about Title IX
Campus sexual-assault investigations are deeply unjust.

Kevin Rooney
In defence of the Green Brigade
Celtic’s most passionate supporters are being punished for being offensive.

Monday 24 July 2017
Phil Mullan
We have nothing to fear but the fear of Brexit itself
Anti-Brexit dread could become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

James Heartfield
Dunkirk: a British myth
Christopher Nolan’s visceral retelling probes at some old misconceptions.

Andrea Seaman
Even in Switzerland, the EU erodes democracy
How Swiss leaders use the EU to weaken popular sovereignty.

Friday 21 July 2017
spiked podcast
‘Censorship is the enemy of women’s liberation'
Brendan O'Neill on how feminist censorship degrades equality.

Ella Whelan
Grenfell: don’t let the state off the hook
It was the aloof state, not neoliberalism, that dehumanised tenants.

Patrick West
It’s not Brexit that’s scaring migrants away
The Remainer moral panic about xenophobia inflames anxiety.

Thursday 20 July 2017
Mick Hume
No, Engels was not a Corbynite
And a statue of the Marxist in Manchester does not mark a ‘socialist resurgence’.

Joanna Williams
Who cares about the BBC gender pay gap?
Well-paid female presenters make unconvincing victims.

Jacob Furedi
Abolish the Lords
Until we do, Britain won’t be a real democracy.

Wednesday 19 July 2017
Brendan O’Neill
Why we should oppose the ASA’s gender jihad
The moral crusade against ‘gender stereotypes’ is profoundly illiberal.

Luke Gittos
Let’s put the ‘mattress girl’ case to bed
Paul Nungesser should not have to live with continual accusation.

Naomi Firsht
Macron and Trump have more in common than you think
Both presidents are in love with themselves and authoritarianism.

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25 July 2017
The Orwellian nightmare of transgender politics
20 July 2017
No, Engels was not a Corbynite

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