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Tuesday 30 September 2014 Home
Jon Fuge
The Equalizer: punching above its weight
Frank Furedi
The EU’s culture war against the people
Populist movements like UKIP expose the EU’s estrangement from everyday life.

Mick Hume
Vote for the invisible zombie parties!
Could 2015 break records for the most anti-democratic UK election?

Katherine Hughes
The British Feminist Party? No thanks…
Feminists should promote integration, not separatism.

Monday 29 September 2014
Neil Ross
The anti-Rob Schneider crusade: inoculating the public from debate

Max Miller
Greenpeace crying censorship? Please…

Brendan O’Neill
The Iraq debate: a fight among fearmongers
Both the pro- and anti-war sides have substituted panic for principle.

Barbara Hewson
A Travis-ty of justice
The DLT trial shows that when enough mud is thrown, some will eventually stick.

Friday 26 September 2014
Tom Slater
When students believed in liberty
Fifty years on from the Free Speech Movement, its veterans talk to spiked.

Bruno Waterfield
Self, Orwell and the English language
Will Self’s anti-Orwell tirade combines ignorance with a snobbish disdain for the public.

Shingi Mararike
LVG’s big-spender football blues
Manchester United’s pitiful loss to Leicester proves that smash-and-grab management isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Thursday 25 September 2014
James Abbott
Index on Censorship’s mad response to Exhibit B
Guess who it has criticised? Not the censorious protesters, but the Barbican.

Ellamay Russell
Female students are not damsels in distress
It's a weird feminism that encourages women to think of themselves as weak.

Nancy McDermott
The Kafkaesque clampdown on campus hook-ups
Sex at college can be cringey, but that doesn’t make it assault.

Manick Govinda
Exhibit B: artists must have the right to shock
It was a sad day for freedom when Brett Bailey’s work was shut down by a mob.

Theresa Clifford
NZ: the limits of scandal-mongering
New Zealand’s opposition parties need to offer more than Wikileaked conspiracy theories.

Wednesday 24 September 2014
Kevin Yuill
Belgium’s insane right‑to‑die laws
Accepting a mentally ill prisoner's request to be executed shows up the madness of Belgium's euthanasia laws.

Julian Lagnado
What politicians can learn from nature

spiked podcast
‘Students are now demanding freedom from speech’
Podcast: Greg Lukianoff on why we should shock students out of lazy thinking.

Christopher Beckett
We need to talk about extremism
Universities need to man up and face down extremism, not censor it.

Yamir Ash
Get pissed, have sex and speak your mind...
The spiked guide to thriving at freshers’ week.

Tuesday 23 September 2014
How the West makes bad situations worse

Neil Davenport
Nick Cave: grit in the teeth of London's luvvies
20,000 Days on Earth is an engrossing film about an unlikely hero of Britain's middle class.

Frank Furedi
Academic freedom is a big deal
The pursuit of truth is more important than lecturers’ or students’ feelings.

Tom Slater
Freedom for the freshers!
Why spiked is waging a war of words on the campus thought police.

Dennis Hayes
On the freedom to sigh
The disciplining of a professor for 'sighing' will have a corrosive effect on academics' right to speak their minds.

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29 September 2014
The Iraq debate: a fight among fearmongers
30 September 2014
Vote for the invisible zombie parties!

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