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Tuesday 2 September 2014 Home
Rob Lyons
The obesity panic on life support
Public-health crusaders are becoming ever more desperate.
Tiffany Jenkins
Exhibit B: a guilty pleasure
Brett Bailey’s new show isn't racist; it just makes you feel bad.

Monday 1 September 2014
Tim Black
How the West drove Russia into Ukraine
Too many are blaming Putin for a mess of the West’s making.

Alex Dale
Kate is great, but she isn’t a god
A Kate Bush fan marvels at Before the Dawn but is irritated by Kate's canonisation.

Luke Gittos
Who hasn’t lied to get someone into bed?
Undercover policemen sleeping with their targets should not be prosecuted as rape.

Friday 29 August 2014
Tom Slater
‘The gay movement is full of staid conformists’
Julie Bindel talks to spiked about the death of gay radicalism.

Duleep Allirajah
Man’s inalienable right to banter
In the wake of the Mackay / Moody scandal, we must defend the liberty to talk bollocks.

Andrea Seaman
This misanthropic movie should buzz off
More Than Honey uses dodgy stories about the decline of bees to bash humankind.

Thursday 28 August 2014
Sharmini Brookes
Economic Freedom Fighters: South Africa's answer to UKIP

Tom Slater
Why feminists bow down to Beyoncé
The excitement over Queen B’s ‘feminist’ VMA turn reeks of desperation.

Rossa Minogue
Cameron vs the ‘Wild West’ web
Plans to restrict access to online music videos set a dangerous precedent.

Jack Prescott
The NSPCC’s war on youth culture
The charity’s new anti-gang initiative sounds suspiciously like an assault on young people.

Wednesday 27 August 2014
Tim Black
And the fate of the Union rests with... Alistair Darling
So weak is the pro-Union side that all its hopes now rest on a political sad-case.

Brendan O’Neill
What Rotherham reveals about the corrosion of community life
The abuse scandal exposes the dangers of welfarism and multiculturalism.

Neil Ross
Voters want big ideas, not big prizes

Rob Lyons
The public-health lobby – more dangerous than e‑cigs
The campaign against e-cigarettes is not just illiberal, it's illogical.

Sean Collins
Why we should all hail the Redskins
The campaign against the Redskins’ name is an insult to fans.

Tuesday 26 August 2014
Jack Prescott
Japan should tell the UN where to stick its hate-speech laws

Mick Hume
Kick the thought police out of football – and smartphones
The real scandal is the public hanging of Mackay and Moody for private texts.

Brendan O’Neill
Caliph Cameron brings ISIS-style intolerance to Britain
Our rulers’ authoritarian response to ISIS is trashing freedom and tolerance.

Jon Holbrook
Lord Neuberger: giving democracy a hammering
Britain's judiciary is eroding our sovereignty from within.

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27 August 2014
What Rotherham reveals about the corrosion of community life
26 August 2014
Kick the thought police out of football – and smartphones

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Man of Steel, leaden film

28 June 2013:
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