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Thursday 20 October 2016 Home
Fraser Myers
Heathrow and the crisis of vision
The government’s dithering over a third runway is an international embarrassment.
Ella Whelan
HyperNormalisation: good ideas, bad narrative
Adam Curtis's latest just doesn't hang together.

Mick Hume
What’s so ‘hard’ to grasp about democracy?
Soft Brexit sounds like a code for no real Brexit at all.

Michael Fitzpatrick
The expert invasion of family life
A new book explores the political instrumentalisation of parenting.

Wednesday 19 October 2016
Tom Slater
‘Black Lives Matter has a plantation mentality’
Black Panther Elaine Brown on the degradation of black liberation.

Tim Black
Scottish independence: the cause of anti‑democrats
The SNP's opportunism draws deep on anti-Brexit sentiment.

Wendy Earle
The culture of complaint
A new Tate exhibition shows that contemporary art is now just about whinging.

Matthew Lesh
Je suis Bill Leak!
The Aussie cartoonist is being investigated by officialdom – an outrage.

Tuesday 18 October 2016
Wendy Kaminer
Trump: a threat to democracy, not women
Trump has empowered a fearful, conspiratorial strain in US culture.

Brendan O’Neill
Ched Evans and the fury of the middle‑class mob
This case has exposed the illiberalism and classism of the new elite.

Julian Lagnado
The crisis of French republicanism
French politicians have lost any sense of what the Fifth Republic is for.

Tara McCormack
Does Boris want a war with Russia?
Shooting down Russian war planes in Syria is a mad idea.

Christian Butler
My Scientology Movie: Theroux the looking glass
Louis Theroux’s zany big-screen outing is a return form.

Monday 17 October 2016
Luke Gittos
The Ched Evans case: we need to talk about rape law
Why are courts having to delve into the minutiae of complainants’ sex lives?

James Woudhuysen
Samsung: recalling the future
The response to the ‘exploding phones’ fiasco reveals a fear of innovation.

Gareth Sturdy
Treating teachers like robots
Let’s reject the tick-box culture and shape the future of education.

Saturday 15 October 2016
spiked podcast
‘Students should be challenged, not comforted’
Podcast: Frank Furedi on why university should never be a Safe Space.

Friday 14 October 2016
Brendan O’Neill
It’s time to shoot down the post-Brexit hate-crime hysteria
This is the most cynical, politically motivated crime panic in memory.

Patrick West
Corbyn’s Labour is not a socialist party
Socialists don't pity or fear the poor like the Corbyn crew does.

Jacob Furedi
How trigger warnings went mainstream
Now even academics think students need to be protected from upsetting topics.

Tara McCormack
The anti-politics of protest
Ivan Krastev’s Democracy Disrupted lays bare the limits of the global protest movement.

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18 October 2016
Ched Evans and the fury of the middle‑class mob
20 October 2016
What’s so ‘hard’ to grasp about democracy?

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