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Tuesday 21 November 2017 Home
Frank Furedi
The meaninglessness of Charles Manson
Forget this fame-hungry psychopath. Remember his victims.
Tim Black
Why won’t they just build more homes?
Why the housing crisis inspires lip service but no solutions.

Donal Fallon
Ulysses versus the censors
Fifty years on from the Joyce movie that scandalised the world.

Tara McCormack
That’s enough of the Russia blame game
The obsession with Putin's alleged meddling is messing up our politics.

Monday 20 November 2017
Mick Hume
Nothing to cheer in Zimbabwe fias-coup
Those replacing Mugabe want to rationalise his regime, not overthrow it.

Brendan O’Neill
Nick Cave vs the BDS bigots
Three cheers for the Oz rocker performing in Israel on principle.

Jennie Bristow
What should schools teach?
A new book makes the case for imparting knowledge and pursuing truth.

Dan King
‘Brave spaces’ are no answer to safe spaces
Ghettoising free speech will make matters on campus worse.

Friday 17 November 2017
spiked podcast
‘We’re all bored of this Pestminster witch-hunt’
Julia Hartley-Brewer sets the record straight on #kneegate.

Patrick West
Men are not a different species
Gender determinism has returned in PC form.

Steigerwald & Wolfe
Taylor Swift is not an alt-right princess
And no, she doesn’t need to condemn Trump.

Thursday 16 November 2017
Mick Hume
Who represents the 52 per cent?
It’s not just a few ‘Brexit mutineers’ – the captains are Remainers, too.

Jon Holbrook
Brexit: reuniting politics with the people
The day we leave, the job of rebuilding British democracy will begin.

Naomi Firsht
Stop jumping on the trans-wagon
Transgender ideology should be subjected to more rigorous debate.

Wednesday 15 November 2017
Brendan O’Neill
Russia and Brexit: a chattering-class conspiracy theory
Remoaners are harming British democracy more than Putin ever could.

Rob Lyons
No, Big Tobacco is not murdering people
The latest wheeze of anti-smoking zealots is their maddest yet.

Andrew Tettenborn
Now universities police speech off campus
Watch what you say on Facebook: your Uni might be watching.

Tuesday 14 November 2017
Frank Furedi
The rise of duty‑free politics
Boris’s Iran blunder reveals a political class with no sense of service.

Tim Black
The Lebanon crisis: who emboldened the Saudis?
The West’s anti-Iran posturing is inflaming Middle Eastern tensions.

David Bowden
Making that existential leap
Dolan Cummings has written a crime novel for morally uncertain times.

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20 November 2017
Nick Cave vs the BDS bigots
20 November 2017
Nothing to cheer in Zimbabwe fias-coup

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