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Friday 3 July 2015 Home
Chrissie Daz
Why are we OED-ing on trans politics?
Michael Young
Educationists have forgotten the power of knowledge
Education academics underestimate the potential of schools.

Patrick West
Foucault: from libertine to neoliberal
Was the French philosopher really a Reaganite in poststructural clothing?

Duleep Allirajah
Time to stop patronising the women’s game
Women’s football will only achieve parity with the men’s if we’re comfortable slagging games off.

Thursday 2 July 2015
Guy Pierce
Boo Guillaume Tell for being bad art, not for being offensive

Wendy Kaminer
I will defend your right to fly the Confederate flag
No form of political expression should be banned, not even hateful ones.

Ella Whelan
The only way is middle-class feminism...
That seems to be the view of those condemning TOWIE girls.

Blair Spowart
Interns, quit your moaning and seize the day
myInternSwap is not an Old Boys' network 2.0 – it’s a good idea.

George Harrison
Shame on Pride for trying to ban UKIP

Wednesday 1 July 2015
Frank Furedi
Spot the little terrorist in your classroom
Why it’s wrong to turn teachers into spies on ‘extremist’ kids.

Mick Hume
Five new threats to free speech today
Mick Hume’s new book examines what’s changed in the free-speech wars

Tuesday 30 June 2015
Tim Black
Why Greeks should embrace a Euro exit
Fear of the future is no reason to stay in the EU.

Brendan O’Neill
Tunisia was a bloody crime, not an act of war
The best response to this massacre? More freedom, more holidays.

Paul Coleman
A new British bill of rights? Hopefully not
We can’t trust our illiberal leaders to protect our freedoms.

Monday 29 June 2015
Luke Gittos
Janner: when therapy trumps justice
A senile old lord is being subjected to a showtrial.

Tom Slater
Glasto: a Butlins for middle-class, middle-aged bores
Glastonbury speaks to the 21st-century crisis of popular culture.

Frank Furedi
Trigger warnings are educational suicide
Taking Durkheim's Suicide out of schools is madness.

Rob Lyons
Fracking hell: the green war on progress
A UK council’s refusal to allow shale-gas exploration is very bad news.

Friday 26 June 2015
Tom Slater
Streaming is the future of music – now pay for it
Taylor Swift was right to stand up to Apple. Now let's tackle the freeloading fans.

Charlie Pearson
The Killing Season: lies, betrayal and Labor
A new documentary offers a scintillating insight into the era of Rudd and Gillard.

Luke Gittos
Why is the CPS spinning rape stats?

Patrick West
Should the Confederate flag come with a trigger warning?
Destroying symbols won’t change the past.

Duleep Allirajah
Taking selfies is not a team sport
Deshorn Brown should be ashamed of himself.

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30 June 2015
Tunisia was a bloody crime, not an act of war
1 July 2015
Five new threats to free speech today

21 June 2013:
Man of Steel, leaden film

28 June 2013:
Dispatches’ dirty little secret

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