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Saturday 24 September 2016 Home
spiked podcast
‘Campus censors hold students in contempt’
Podcast: Tom Slater and Robby Soave on free speech at university.
Friday 23 September 2016
Patrick West
The pre-modern public shaming of Gazza
Making a spectacle of ‘criminals’ has no place in a democracy.

Duleep Allirajah
Paralympians’ job is to be the best, not ‘raise awareness’
Let's stop expecting Paralympians to make society a better place.

Andrew Doyle
The state’s war on amateur comedians
Gazza isn’t the only one having his collar felt for telling a crap joke.

Izzy Lyons
In defence of student boozing
Don't let fun-sponge officials ruin your nights out.

Thursday 22 September 2016
Mick Hume
The truth about those ‘Brexit lies’
EU elites think voters are too thick to know what’s right.

Jacob Furedi
Students, refuse to think racially
The obsession with racism on campus is harming human relations.

Luke Gittos
National Treasure: the showtrial of ageing celebs
This Yewtree-themed drama raises pressing questions about the post-Savile era.

Wednesday 21 September 2016
Emily Dinsmore
Teaching students to be mentally ill
The obsession with ‘student stress’ makes campus life dull and censorious.

Ella Whelan
The taming of Bridget Jones
The fun, drunk smoker has been straightened out. How depressing.

Tuesday 20 September 2016
Naomi Firsht
Let’s put the campus sex panic to bed
Freshers, ignore the fearmongers and enjoy your newfound freedom.

Tim Black
Brexit owes little to UKIP
The yearning for democracy goes well beyond Farage and Co.

Rob Lyons
Hinkley Point: how not to go nuclear
This costly project could set back the energy revolution we need.

Monday 19 September 2016
Sean Collins
Trashing the white trash: Hillary and the new bigotry
Clinton's attack on 'deplorables' reveals an ugly prejudice.

Tom Slater
How to survive freshers’ week, spiked style
Students, resist SU coddling and insist on being treated as adults.

Frank Furedi
It will take more than boot camps to tackle terrorism
Why France’s de-radicalisation centres won’t stem the new jihadism.

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15 September 2016
Theresa May is a friend of free speech? Come off it
22 September 2016
The truth about those ‘Brexit lies’

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