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What’s the Future of Food?, produced by spiked in association with the UK Food and Drink Federation (FDF), is an online survey of people with strong views about what we eat and how we produce it. From writers, politicians and campaigners to restaurateurs, academics and food producers, the aim is to get a broad range of opinions on a subject that is close to everyone’s heart and spark a debate about how we might change things for the better.

Tuck in to the articles below, let us know what you think, and keep coming back for extra helpings as we serve up new contributions over the next four weeks.

Why we’re sponsoring this debate
Ross Warburton
president, Food and Drink Federation

20 May 2010
What is wrong with children’s food?
Jackie Schneider
Children's Food Campaign
The roots of 'food security'
Steve Gibson
lecturer on concepts of risk, security, intelligence, and resilience at Cranfield University, Shrivenham.
16 February 2010
Giving children a distorted view of food
Jane Sandeman
convenor, Institute of Ideas Parents' Forum
The specialist producer’s view
Jo Macsween
co-director, Macsween
4 January 2010
The challenge of climate change
Andrew Jarvis
Principal at GHK, a policy consultancy
We need to embrace modern technology
Dominic Dyer
chief executive, Crop Protection Association
19 November 2009
Free trade and open minds can feed the world
Tom Standage
business editor, The Economist
The mystery of famine
Caroline Boin
project director, International Policy Network
27 October 2009
We need to make food local and sustainable
Pam Warhurst
co-founder, Incredible Edible Todmorden
Making ‘The Good Life’ a reality
Christopher Woodward
director, the Garden Museum, London
14 October 2009
Organic farming can’t feed the world, we need modern methods
Alex Avery
Centre for Global Food Issues, Hudson Institute
It's time to reject industrial agriculture
Robin Maynard
food and farming campaigner
7 October 2009
Lessons from France and Spain
Jonathan Meades
commentator and novelist
Supermarkets meet the needs of farmers and consumers
Andrew Opie
food policy director, British Retail Consortium
The UK has a competitive and innovative food market
Adam Leyland
editor, The Grocer
1 October 2009
A diet that's healthy for people - and for the planet
Dame Suzi Leather
chair of the Charities Commission and chair of the government's Council of Food Policy Advisors
Food security is the big issue
Henry Dimbleby
Co-founder and CEO of the restaurant chain, Leon
22 September 2009
We need fair trade for
UK farmers, too

Tim Farron
Liberal Democrat spokesman on environment, food and rural affairs
Let’s bypass the supermarkets
Ranald Macdonald
founder of Boisdale restaurants and jazz clubs
The UK has an obligation to produce more food
Tom Hind
head of economics and international affairs, the National Farmers’ Union
14 September 2009
It's time to stop exploiting animals for food
Peter Singer
professor of bioethics, Princeton University
Coping with a growing population
Andrew C Revkin
environment reporter, New York Times
We can feed the world
Denis Murphy
head of biotechnology, University of Glamorgan and biotechnology adviser, FAO
A plan for sustainable agriculture
Joanne Denney-Finch
chief executive, IGD


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updated: 13 Jan 2010