‘Don’t seal off students from “dangerous” ideas’

Tom Slater debates free speech on campus with a group of young WORLDbytes volunteers.

In this video discussion, Tom Slater takes spiked’s ‘Down with Campus Censorship!’ campaign to London’s East End and the home of WORLDbytes, the school of citizen TV.

The WORLDbytes volunteers on the sofa provide the fashionable caveats to freedom of speech, from concerns about ‘hate speech’ to the ‘psychological harm’ words can inflict. Slater takes it on the chin and compellingly argues the case for unfettered free speech. Championing free speech, he argues, goes hand in hand with revitalising a positive view of humanity, one that is resilient, takes risks and aspires to a better world.

From the sofa, WORLDbytes volunteer Eden Bokrezion tells it straight: ‘I am African, and a UKIP member saying Africans should kill themselves doesn’t bring me to my knees… If I have to choose between “respect”, with government telling me what I can and can’t hear, and free speech, I choose free speech.’

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