21 November 2007

Slamming the lid on free expression

With its ban on a bathroom ad and its warnings about 'violent ads', the UK advertising watchdog is reinforcing the tyranny of the prudish minority.

19 November 2007

Sensitive Spanish royals, avert your eyes

In solidarity with two cartoonists who were convicted of ‘vilifying’ the Crown Prince of Spain, and fined 3,000 Euros each, spiked republishes their cartoon.

15 November 2007

London’s PC despot

In the name of combating 'Islamophobia', Ken Livingstone has launched an attack on press freedom that reveals his fear of the public.

9 November 2007

Poofs, pikeys and Enoch Powell

Read Mick Hume's columns on free speech in The Times (London).

7 November 2007

The New Heresies

In today's You Can't Say That culture, it's those with reactionary views on race or religion who are censored. But fighting for free speech still matters.

24 October 2007

Don’t play the ‘offence’ card

The convenor of the Manifesto Club calls for a New Deal for public debate: Stop hiding behind cries of 'offence!' and stand up for your beliefs.

16 October 2007

The University of the Easily Offended

Meet the rugby-playing student at a London university, forced to recant after sticking up an 'offensive' poster advertising an English Party.

26 September 2007

Ahmadinejad: 'free speech' as pantomime

The Iranian president's visit to Columbia University was less a blow against censorship and more an exercise in moral posturing.

21 August 2007

...gambling adverts?

The UK government's new restrictions on adverts for online casinos are an insult to the public.

6 August 2007

Don’t steal this article - but please do discuss it

In the battle between stopping copyright theft online and promoting the free exchange of ideas and images, there is more at stake than 'business models'.