21 August 2007

...gambling adverts?

The UK government's new restrictions on adverts for online casinos are an insult to the public.

6 August 2007

Don’t steal this article - but please do discuss it

In the battle between stopping copyright theft online and promoting the free exchange of ideas and images, there is more at stake than 'business models'.

31 July 2007

Beware the ‘Campus Stasi’ at British universities

Demands that lecturers monitor students for signs of Islamic radicalism pose a bigger threat to academic freedom than Islamo-cranks do.

16 July 2007

Denial should be defeated by facts, not laws

In the run-up to a debate in London, the American warrior against Holocaust denial explains why she’s opposed to censoring deniers.

20 June 2007

‘No stars’ for this unpalatable judgement

The Australian court that classified an unfavourable restaurant review as 'defamation' has dealt a blow to critical thinking.

29 May 2007

Ofcom: Mary Whitehouse in liberal attire

Everyone cheered the regulator for its ruling on Celebrity Big Brother. But what gives a bunch of unelected suits the right to lecture broadcasters?

21 May 2007


There is something rotten in the trend to label political or cultural views as 'phobias' that must be treated.

After Lord Browne: bring back privacy

In our rush to read all about the former BP head’s private life, we have forgotten the key role privacy plays in forging trust and identity.

3 May 2007

Browne and the new morality of ‘outing’

In the past, tabloids outed gay people in order to shame them; now they out gay people to show there’s nothing wrong with being gay.

19 April 2007

Turning society into Room 101

‘In denial’, ‘phobic’, ‘hateful’… increasingly, certain kinds of speech are depicted as a sickness, and censorship is seen as the cure.