8 May 2009

After the fatwa, the free speech wars

As the Rushdie affair shows, if you invite the state to define the boundaries of acceptable speech, it will limit you as well as your opponents.

‘Why Al Gore is too chicken to debate me’

Christopher Monckton, the Third Viscount of Brenchley and well-known climate change sceptic, tells spiked he was censored by Gore.

Why we should smash this intellectual forcefield

Jacqui Smith’s desire to protect Britons from extremist foreigners is patronising, impractical and illiberal.

5 March 2009

Is this another war on ‘Jewish science’?

The elite protest against today’s Israel Day of Science in London is built on double standards and a deep disdain for academic freedom.

16 February 2009

The Culture War that dare not speak its name

The Geert Wilders affair exposes an elite more interested in battling imaginary Islamofascists or Islamophobes than having an enlightened debate.

16 February 2009

Britain is not a ‘crowded theatre’

Foreign secretary David Miliband’s use of the ‘fire in a theatre’ argument against Geert Wilders was ahistoric and illiberal.

11 February 2009

Now it’s a war on words

Free speech controversies involving Prince Harry, Carol Thatcher and Jeremy Clarkson show the new thought police are in danger of running riot.

5 February 2009

A secular witch-hunt in western England

In backing the suspension of a nurse who offered to pray for her patients, New Atheists have become the new inquisitors.

28 January 2009

No Platform for anyone called Rothschild

I know how Douglas Murray feels after being disinvited from a university debate. I was once rejected due to my surname.

22 January 2009

Football fans must have freedom of speech, too

In the past, officialdom fenced in football fans like animals. Now it treats them like children, curtailing their speech and rapping their knuckles.