20 June 2018

Oscar Wilde: free‑speech martyr

He was brought down by the tyranny of custom.

13 June 2018

The truth behind the trolling panic

The internet is not a hostile place for women.

Censoring survivors of the Stasi

It is a disturbing irony that Germany now silences victims of GDR terror.

7 June 2018

Niall Ferguson has set back the fight for free speech

Some right-wingers are playing censorious students at their own game.

7 June 2018

The false alarm over ‘fake news’

The voter-blaming elites have really lost touch with truth and reality.

6 June 2018

Vanity Von Glow: the left eats its own

Meet the drag queen banned for defending free speech.

4 June 2018

Cops, grow a backbone

The police response to Lush’s ads is utterly out of order.

Being blocked by Trump is not a free‑speech issue

We are all free to criticise the president – but we can’t force him to listen.

31 May 2018

Even Holocaust deniers deserve free speech

Alison Chabloz’s songs are grotesque but she shouldn’t be criminalised.

30 May 2018

Tommy Robinson is no free-speech martyr

Prejudicing a court case is not a free-speech issue.