20 August 2018

Women don’t have penises

In Britain it might soon be a crime to express this scientific fact.

17 August 2018

Press freedom is too important to entrust to judges – or government

The BBC won’t appeal the Sir Cliff ruling. We need to appeal to the public.

17 August 2018

‘We can’t let the Islamists win’

Qanta Ahmed on what the Boris/burqa storm reveals about the rise of Islamism.

13 August 2018

MagicGate: game culture’s new civil war

Political violence is breaking out... over a trading-card game.

9 August 2018

Who’s really racist – Boris or his critics?

It is the refusal to criticise certain groups that smacks of racism.

9 August 2018

Boris burqa row: another excuse to bash Brexit voters

Remainer elitists are hiding their prejudices behind a veil.

7 August 2018

They’re not book‑burners – they’re morons

The Bookmarks stunt was dumb and illiberal, but this is not the 1930s.

7 August 2018

Alex Jones and the rise of corporate censorship

The banning of Infowars is an alarming act of capitalist intolerance.

6 August 2018

How the left made Tommy Robinson

It was their censorship of ‘Islamophobia’ that made Robinson a star.