12 August 2014

‘The Edinburgh Fringe has failed us - and failed freedom’

The Israeli theatre group shut down by an anti-Israel mob talks to spiked.

11 August 2014

The brazen hypocrisy of the BDS crowd

Those who want to silence Israelis are shocked when they are silenced.

7 August 2014

The fight for press freedom – still a war without end

Now we know: anti-hacking hysteria was just a flag of convenience.

30 July 2014

Yes, freedom of speech should be absolute

This fundamental liberty shouldn’t be killed with qualifications.

30 July 2014

Free speech doesn’t end at the doors to an abortion clinic

Anti-protester buffer zones around abortion facilities are illiberal.

30 July 2014

Free speech on campus: it’s complicated

The university may be the ‘quintessential marketplace of ideas’, but we still need to decide what can and can't be said.