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The Free Speech University Rankings (FSUR) is the UK’s first university league table for campus censorship. We examine the policies and actions of universities and students' unions, and rank them using our traffic-light system.

Data accurate up until April 2018.

Traffic-light ranking system:

  • RED:

    has banned and actively censored ideas on campus

  • AMBER:

    has chilled free speech through intervention

  • GREEN:

    has a hands-off approach to free speech

Traffic-light ranking
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Northumbria 2018


The University of Northumbria and Northumbria Students’ Union collectively create an atmosphere that chills free speech. The university, which has maintained its Green ranking, places some minor restrictions on posters, but these weren’t significant enough to affect its overall ranking. The students’ union, which has maintained its Red ranking, has a No Platform policy, banning racist and fascist groups, and also restricts homophobic and transphobic expression and offensive fancy dress. The institution’s overall ranking remains Amber.

The university - GREEN


  • Student Disciplinary Rules and Procedures

    ‘Posters or other material that cause offence may not be displayed and will be removed wherever found.’

    Due to the specific nature of this restriction, this has been weighted as an Amber Action.

    Read the full policy

The students’ union - RED


  • No Platform Policy

    ‘The union does not regard commitment to freedom of speech as the same as an automatic right to a platform for any speaker. The union will maintain a No Platform list of organisations or individuals whose actions consistently show that they seek to incite violence to others.’

    Read the full policy

  • Fancy Dress at NSU

    ‘NSU’s Equality and Diversity policy is clear in dictating that behaviours found to be homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist or offensive to those with disabilities will not be tolerated. Therefore wearing a costume that contributes to any of the mentioned behaviours will not be permitted, nor will costumes mocking a students’ faith or belief. If you are in doubt, don't wear it; there are a million entertaining costumes to pick from. Your desire to be “funny” or “edgy” is not greater than every student's right to feel like NSU is a Safe Space.’

    Read the full policy

To find out more about the FSUR, or to request further comment, contact Tom Slater.

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