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Media coverage

National Student10 February 2018

‘Only six universities have no restrictions on speech’

The National Student reports on spiked’s 2018 FSUR rankings.

Cherwell09 February 2018

Oxford named the most 'ban-happy' university

'Compelling someone to say something, even out of politeness, is deeply corrosive to free speech', Tom Slater tells the Cherwell.

The Wright Stuff07 February 2018

‘One in 10 unis have outlawed rags including the Sun and the Daily Mail

Channel 5's The Wright Stuff discusses spiked’'s Free Speech University Rankings.

Sun06 February 2018

‘Unis gag free speech’

The Sun looks at the FSUR's 'shocking new stats'.

talkRADIO06 February 2018

‘A university should never be a Safe Space’

Tom Slater talks to Julia Hartley-Brewer about spiked’s 2018 FSUR rankings.

The Linc05 February 2018

Lincoln receives Red free-speech ranking for third year running

Lincoln's student paper, The Linc, writes up spiked’s 2018 FSUR rankings.

spiked05 February 2018

The Free Speech University Rankings 2018 makes for grim reading

spiked’s Tom Slater looks at the new blasphemies on campus.

Sun05 February 2018

‘It’s time to stand up to the stupid bans of the student Stasi’

spiked editor Brendan O'Neill tells the Sun: 'Every year we analyse university speech codes and policies to see how free higher education is. The answer? Not free at all.

Daily Mail05 February 2018

‘Almost one ban per week at universities,’

The Daily Mail gets the exclusive on spiked’s 2018 Free Speech University Rankings.

The Times29 December 2017

‘Students’ unions, not universities, are the main culprits’

Tom Slater tells The Times that 'the problem on campus is cultural, not legal'.

Belfast Telegraph27 December 2017

‘Fines won’t fix campus censorship’

Tom Slater quoted in the Belfast Telegraph following threats of fines for censorious universities.

International Business Times26 December 2017

‘We can’t fight one form of illiberalism with another’

FSUR convenor Tom Slater comments on universities minister Jo Johnson's threats of fines for censorious universities.

BBC News26 December 2017

‘The bar for censorship on campus is getting lower and lower’

FSUR convenor Tom Slater talks to BBC News about campus censorship.

THE05 December 2017

Parliament looks at campus censorship

‘The committee heard from the FSUR, which claims to show a “grim" picture across campuses.’

Wales Online16 November 2017

‘Top university attacked as a "hostile place" for free speech’

Read the write-up of spiked’s FSUR ranking for Cardiff University.

spiked25 November 2017

‘The problem with censorship on campus isn’t technical or legal – it’s cultural’

Tom Slater talks to the Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry into freedom of speech in universities.

Telegraph19 October 2017

Students must ‘accept the legitimacy of healthy vigorous debate’

spiked’s FSUR is quoted after universities minister Jo Johnson calls for an end to campus censorship.

The Times24 April 2017

‘Students who look away could be racist’

The Times quotes the FSUR's convenor: ‘Tom Slater called it ridiculous to suggest that not looking someone in the eye was a micro form of racism.’

Daily Politics16 March 2017

FSUR on the Daily Politics

Watch BBC Two's Daily Politics' segment on the FSUR, featuring spiked writer Emily Dinsmore.

Daily Express16 March 2017

‘What’s the point?’ Andrew Neil blasts journalist in university freedom of speech row

Read the Daily Express write-up of Daily Politics' coverage of FSUR.

Faz15 March 2017

‘Es wird eng mit der Denkfreiheit auf dem campus’

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports on the FSUR findings.

Fox News14 March 2017

Free speech under attack at UK colleges, report says

Fox News covers the FSUR in a report on UK campus censorship.

Reason08 March 2017

University of Lincoln’s conservative student group censored for complaining about censorship

Reason magazine reports on Lincoln students losing social media access for pointing out that Lincoln SU doesn't respect free speech.

The Linc06 March 2017

Lincoln receives ‘Red’ status for freedom of speech

The Linc reports on Lincoln's Red ranking following the ban of the Lincoln student's conservative society.

BBC03 March 2017

Cardiff Metropolitan Uni bans ‘gender stereotype’ words

spiked’s education editor Joanna Williams talks to the BBC about the Free Speech University Rankings.

Telegraph02 March 2017

University bans phrases such as ‘right-hand man’ and ‘gentleman’s agreement’ in favour of gender-neutral terms

Read this report on a university banning the phrase 'right-hand man', which references the FSUR results.

University Observer01 March 2017

94% of UK Universities Restrict Free Speech

The University College Dublin's broadsheet newspaper the University Observer reports on spiked’s FSUR.

The Cambridge Student19 February 2017

Cambridge ranked ‘Amber’ for free speech

Cambridge University's weekly newspaper reports on spiked’s FSUR.

Telegraph18 February 2017

The student left’s culture of intolerance is creating a new generation of conservatives

Charlie Peters examines the current crisis in censorship on campus as highlighted by FSUR, and the history of free speech on campus.

Cherwell18 February 2017

Oxford deemed 'hostile environment' to free speech

Oxford University student newspaper Cherwell reports on FSUR and Oxford University's third consecutive Red ranking.

Huffington Post17 February 2017

Students should stand up to the Safe Space censors

Naomi Firsht encourages students to fight against the campus censors, and responds to NUS president Malia Bouattia's Huffington Post blog.

Mancunion17 February 2017

University of Manchester and SU ‘create a hostile environment for free speech’

Manchester University's students newspaper gets reactions to the university's Red ranking.

Spectator14 February 2017

Censorious universities are a bigger problem than Stepford students

FSUR convenor Tom Slater writes about how universities are following in the censorious footsteps of students' unions.

Independent14 February 2017

‘You shouldn't be outraged when you hear that over 60 per cent of UK universities "severely restrict" free speech’

NUS president Malia Bouattia critiques the FSUR.

Yorker14 February 2017

York keeps ‘amber’ rating in Spiked’s 2017 free speech rankings

Student newspaper the Yorker focuses on the University of York's Amber ranking in its report on the FSUR.

Press Gazette14 February 2017

Journalism students vote to overturn Students' Union ban of right-wing tabloids at City Uni

Press Gazette mentions the FSUR in this report on students voting to overturn a ban on tabloids at City University.

Telegraph14 February 2017

More than 90 per cent of universities are restricting free speech

'Universities are systematically stifling free speech on campus, while students’ unions take all the flak' – read the Telegraph’s coverage of the FSUR.

The Times13 February 2017

Students can’t be allowed to curb free speech

Matt Ridley writes about the FSUR results and the sorry state of free speech on UK and US campuses in his weekly column at The Times.

Independent13 February 2017

More than nine in 10 UK universities restrict free speech on campus, report claims

The Independent reports on the 2017 FSUR results.

Heat Street13 February 2017

94% of UK Universities Censor Free Speech

'The situation is worse now than ever before' – read Heat Street– coverage of the FSUR.

Sky News13 February 2017

Petrie Hoskens on the FSUR results

Broadcaster Petrie Hoskens expresses concern over campus censorship while discussing the FSUR 2017 results on Sky Papers.

Tab13 February 2017

These universities have been ranked worst for freedom of speech

The Tab report on the FSUR results lists the worst offenders.

National Secular Society13 February 2017

43% of universities restrict speech that might “offend” religious people

The NSS looks at the trend for censorship of criticism of religion on campus in this report.

Sky News11 February 2017

‘Universities should be a place that encourage free and open debate.’

FSUR researcher Ella Whelan explains the extent of campus censorship on Sky News.

Times Higher Education11 February 2017

Spiked: nine out of 10 UK universities ‘restrict free speech’

Read THE's report on the 2017 FSUR results.

The Times11 February 2017

Curbs on free expression at almost every university

The 2017 FSUR results are revealed in the The Times.

Tab10 January 2017

‘We handed out 250 copies of the Sun on campus and got called racist scumbags’

Read about spiked writer and FSUR researcher Emily Dinsmore's protest against her union's ban on tabloids.

Huffington Post10 January 2017

Queen Mary University London Students Protest Tabloid Ban By Handing Out Copies Of The Sun On Campus

Queen Mary students took a stand for free speech and defied their union's red tops ban. Emily Dinsmore tells Huffington Post why she did it.

Heat Street10 January 2017

Pro-Free Speech Students Cover Campus In Copies of Banned Newspaper

Emily Dinsmore talks to Heat Street about the pro-free-speech protest she organised against the students' union's banning of tabloids.

Telegraph10 January 2017

Students defy university tabloid newspaper ban by handing out free copies across campus in free speech protest

Led by FSUR researcher Emily Dinsmore, a group of students defied Queen Mary students' union's tabloids' ban.

Independent10 January 2017

Students protest university's decision to ban The Sun by handing out free copies on campus

Queen Mary students took a stand for free speech, in a protest led by FSUR researcher and spiked writer Emily Dinsmore.

Mancunion16 December 2016

University of Manchester Students’ Union backs BDS

spiked education editor Joanna Williams argues against the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel.

Battle of Ideas07 November 2016

Are the millennials revolting?

Watch spiked editor Brendan O'Neill and spiked writer Emily Dinsmore debate the politics of millennial students at the Battle of Ideas 2016 conference.

Telegraph31 October 2016

The scariest thing about Halloween is the moral policing of our costumes

spiked writer Jacob Furedi comments on American universities' obsession with policing students' Halloween costumes.

Spectator08 October 2016

Students are fighting back against the PC creed

spiked editor Brendan O'Neill writes about students' pro-free-speech fight-back against students' unions' censorship.

Spectator26 September 2016

If archaeology students can’t cope with ‘scary bones’, they really are doomed

spiked editor Brendan O'Neill writes about the campus trigger warning trend.

International Business Times22 September 2016

Universities should stop telling students not to get drunk - they didn't sign up for mollycoddling

FSUR coordinator and spiked assistant editor Ella Whelan writes about students' unions' patronising advice on drinking alcohol during freshers' week.

World Service06 June 2016

'Safe Spaces hold students in contempt'

Listen to Tom Slater on BBC World Service's The Why Factor.

Spectator04 June 2016

Do our kids need to toughen up?

Tom Slater talks about his new book Unsafe Space and campus censorship on the Spectator podcast.

Sun22 May 2016

I won a U-turn on The Sun

Student and spiked free speech campaigner Ieuan Joy tells the Sun how he beat the student censors and overturned his students' union's ban on selling the Sun.

Newham Recorder18 May 2016

Big Debate: Does University of East London stifle free speech in Newham?

University of East London vice-chancellor Dusty Amroliwala responds to UEL's FSUR amber ranking.

Spectator12 May 2016

'The backlash against the NUS has begun'

Tom Slater cheers the NUS disaffiliation campaign in the Spectator.

Zero Books Blog13 May 2016

'Free speech is a left-wing value'

Tom Slater talks campus censorship on the Zero Books podcast.

Tab23 April 2016

'The NUS has made students a laughing stock'

Tom Slater in the Tab on why students should ditch the NUS.

The Times16 April 2016

Student leaders are reversing the sexual liberation won in the 1960s

Read The Times’s review of Tom Slater's new book, Unsafe Space.

THE15 April 2016

Unsafe Space urges people to say the unsayable

'The debate is never over.' Read the THE’s review of Tom Slater's new book, Unsafe Space.

Independent12 April 2016

Censorship at Edinburgh University ‘out of control’, says student

A report on student and spiked free speech campaigner Charlie Peters' campaign against the student censors at Edinburgh University Students' Union.

Evening Standard08 April 2016

Safe Spaces 'cuts students off from the real world’

'Trigger warnings are disastrous.' Read the Evening Standard’s review of Tom Slater's new book, Unsafe Space.

The Times24 March 2016

'Campus sexual identity politics is disappearing up its own backside'

FSUR convenor Tom Slater quoted in The Times after the NUS rules that gay men no longer need their own representatives.

Telegraph13 March 2016

Cambridge University row over fancy dress ball

'Today, students aren’t even trusted to dress themselves - let alone think for themselves' says Tom Slater in the Telegraph.

Independent29 February 2016

The NUS comes under fire for censorship

Following the 2016 FSUR, campaigners plan to march on NUS London offices in defence of free speech.

Independent29 February 2016

LSESU rejects motion to ban Speakeasy free speech society

Read about the student speakeasy groups set up in the wake of the Free Speech University Rankings.

Independent26 February 2016

'The bar for censorship is getting lower and lower'

Tom Slater quoted in the Independent.

Jewish News25 January 2016

The Safe Space at KCL is a lie

Read Tom Slater in the Jewish News on the hideous treatment of pro-Israel students at King’s College London.

Guardian24 January 2016

Voices are being silenced

spiked 'found curbs on freedom of expression were in place in 90% of British universities – up from 80% the previous year'.

Tab23 January 2016

Get a grip, spiked

spiked’s Free Speech University Rankings ruffles feathers in Scotland.

Belfast Telegraph22 January 2016

Racist hats. Whatever will they think of next?

The Belfast Telegraph reports on spiked’s assessment of censorship on the campus... from the daft to the disturbing.

STV News22 January 2016

Fancy dress costumes banned at university

Edinburgh 'ranked among the most “ban happy” universities in spiked’s Free Speech University Rankings'.

Jewish Chronicle21 January 2016

Survey shows boycotters flourishing at British universities

Read the Jewish Chronicle report on the rankings, focusing on anti-Israel policies and the impact on pro-Israel students.

Independent21 January 2016

KCL named as one of the most censored in Britain

The Independent looks at free speech and the FSUR following anti-Israel protests at KCL.

Northampton Chronicle21 January 2016

'Freedom of speech is not a license to bully, discriminate or abuse'

The University of Northampton defends its policy on freedom of speech on campus: 'If this commitment earns us a red ranking from Spiked, so be it.'

Daily Gazette21 January 2016

Essex is 'shocked' by Red ranking in FSUR

'Free speech has to be for everyone', Tom Slater tells the disgruntled vice chancellor of the University of Essex.

Independent21 January 2016

Edinburgh University Students’ Association bans fancy dress

Edinburgh speakeasy group founder Charlie Peters speaks to the Independent about his petition calling for EUSA to 'reinstate and defend free speech'.

Daily Mail20 January 2016

University bans students from dressing up

The Daily Mail talks to Edinburgh speakeasy coordinator Charlie Peters about the FSUR and Edinburgh's ban on fun.

Edinburgh Evening News20 January 2016

'Edinburgh was among the worst universities we assessed nationwide'

Read the Edinburgh Evening News on the Free Speech University Rankings.

Tab20 January 2016

Warwick is one of the worst unis for free speech – and it’s embarrassing

'Censorship has reduced Warwick to little more than an echo chamber', spiked writer tells the Tab.

The Mancunion20 January 2016

Union and university slated for attitudes to free speech

'In their second year of ranking institutions, spiked found that 90 per cent curb free speech.'

BBC Radio Scotland20 January 2016

'Edinburgh is one of the worst universities for ensuring freedom of speech'

Listen to Tom Slater on BBC Radio Scotland on our Free Speech University Rankings (starts 2hrs 48mins in).

Guardian20 January 2016

The purpose of coming to university is to grow strong enough to fight your way through.

Read the Guardian's write-up of the FSUR 2016 .

Telegraph19 January 2016

The poshos pushing campus censorship

Read Tom Slater in the Telegraph on the elitism involved in censoring students.

The Times19 January 2016

Demand for return of free speech at university

The Times reports on the student fightback against censorship on campus.

Chronicle Live19 January 2016

'This is an absolute joke'

Read the Chronicle Live on the free speech row in Newcastle University and its Students' Union in response to our rankings.

Huffington Post19 January 2016

Smash the NUS

Tom Slater calls for students to disaffiliate from the National Union of Students in the Huffington Post.

Belfast Telegraph19 January 2016

Queen's Belfast holds some of the most sever restrictions in the UK

The Belfast Telegraph reports on Queen's University Belfast's ranking.

National Association of Scholars19 January 2016

Restrictions on free speech in England are at an all-time high

The US National Association of Scholars on the 'censorship epidemic' evident from our 2016 Free Speech University Rankings.

Week19 January 2016

Free speech is under attack at British universities

Read the Week's summary of the FSUR results.

South Wales Evening Post19 January 2016

'Stifling free speech'

The South Wales Evening Post gives Swansea university a grilling following the 2016 Free Speech University Rankings.

Press Gazette19 January 2016

Charlie Hebdo, Sun and lad's mags banned from UK universities

The Press Gazette reports on the attacks on press freedom at UK universities.

The Daily Touch19 January 2016

Only 12 out of the 115 universities received a ‘Green’ ranking

The Daily Touch reports on the findings of the 2016 FSUR.

Wales Online19 January 2016

Welsh students' unions ban the Sun

Wales Online reports on how the 2016 FSUR results looks for universities in Wales.

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