Challenging the campus censors

University ain’t what it used to be. With bans on offensive speakers, saucy pop songs, un-PC student societies and laddish sports teams, censorship has laid siege to British campus life. And it’s time students did something about it. If you believe university is a place for saying the unsayable and thinking the unthinkable, if you think students are made of tougher stuff than ban-happy students’ unions like to make out, then join the campaign today. Find out how you can get involved below.

Tom Slater

Join the fight for free speech! Contact Tom Slater to get involved.

Take the fight to your campus with a DWCC event. Contact Tom Slater to find out more:

The No Platform policy, and the patronising logic that underpins it, is at the root of campus censorship in the UK. Read our pamphlet about why it’s time to finally say ‘No’ to No Platform. Download here.

Exercise your right to be offensive by plastering a DWCC poster in your students' union. Download here.

Apply to become a campus reporter for spiked. Contact Tom Slater to find out more: