Mobile phones and health, information and fear
by Rob Lyons
Rob Lyons
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by Kirk Leech
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by Peter Erskine, CEO O2 Plc.

The average mobile customer sent over one text message per day in 2003 compared to one a week in 1999
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Mike Dolan
Mobile Operators Association
Adam Burgess
author, Cellular Phones, Public Fears, and a Culture of Precaution
Alan Meyer
Mast Action UK
Jack Rowley
GSM Association
Stuart McWilliam
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Useful resources
The Stewart Report: Summary and Recommendations,
May 2000 [pdf]

Can mobile phones damage your health?
O2 [pdf]

Health and mobile safety

Radiation Protection Division
UK Health Protection Agency

Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme (MTHR)

Electromagnetic fields
World Health Organisation

O2 corporate responsibility report 2005

Mobile Operators Association

What caused the great mobile phone panic, and how well has society dealt with it?
(This debate is closed and is a read-only archive.)
Mike DolanThe operators' response
Mike Dolan
executive director, Mobile Operators Association
As mobile phone use increases, so must the development of the networks that underpin it.
Adam BurgessAccounting for the panic
Adam Burgess
author of Cellular Phones, Public Fears, and a Culture of Precaution
The mobile phone scare is a lesson in how journalists and policymakers should not react to concerns about a new technology.
Alan MeyerThe insensitive siting of masts
Alan Meyer
legal director, Mast Action UK
This new technology may still be found to have adverse effects, which may only become clear after a prolonged period of years of usage.
Jack RowleyAn international situation
Jack Rowley
director of research and sustainability, GSM Association
The UK is not unique in its concerns about possible health risks, but the media and political responsiveness is much higher than in other countries.
Stuart McWilliamMobile phones can be good for your health
Stuart McWilliam
journalist specialising in mobile phones
If you suffer from a chronic disease like diabetes or asthma, mobile phones could help keep you healthier for longer.

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