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17 August 2005Physics is still dominated by Albert Einstein's 1905 findings
Wardell Lindsay
2 August 2005Progress in science exists
Anne van Rossum
25 July 2005Science is like a screwdriver
Wouter Hanegraaff
25 July 2005The theory of evolution isn't scientific
Olaf Karthaus
25 July 2005Slavish insistence upon evidence
Tony Somera
25 July 2005Stop overpopulation and save gibbons
Robert Chadis
25 July 2005The value of science is zero
Co Van Gilst
24 June 2005Evolution will not continue as before
Derek Byrne
24 June 2005The smallest objects and the largest
Tony Somera
14 June 2005The scientific method must be at the forefront of education
Adam Key
14 June 2005Where are the Linus Paulings and Albert Einsteins?
14 June 2005We have to be careful when using zygotes for science
Arjan Bos
14 June 2005When to be critical
Tony Somera
9 June 2005Let us stand on our own humanity
Daniel Rich
9 June 2005The second law of thermodynamics
Amber Perry
9 June 2005Why expect great apes to be rational?
Gerry Dunlop
9 June 2005Reality is a stern taskmaster
Tony Somera
7 June 2005The evolution of the soul
Gerry Dunlop
7 June 2005The law of causation
Michael Innis
7 June 2005There are many spooky facts about our existence
Tony Somera
7 June 2005Scientists must take care
Ramesh Raghuvanshi
27 May 2005Explaining the results of Eduard Strasburger's experiment
Andrew K Fletcher
27 May 2005Should we attack faith?
Tony Somera
24 May 2005What Karl Popper's popularity tells us
Joe Kaplinsky
24 May 2005The problem with Karl Popper's logic
Paul Wight
24 May 2005Creationism is theologically redundant
Professor Thomas M Addiscott
24 May 2005Nicholas Russell and miracles
Tony Somera
23 May 2005Understanding Karl Popper
Professor Thomas M Addiscott
23 May 2005Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection
Richard Hamilton
23 May 2005Martin Rees' long view
Tony Somera
23 May 2005Speak one language
Simon Walther
17 May 2005Karl Popper's account of the scientific method was wrong on many counts
Paul Wight
17 May 2005Science does not come from books
Bob Wakefield
17 May 2005How trees lift water to great heights
Andrew K Fletcher
17 May 2005Religious fanatics
Tony Somera
13 May 2005Karl Popper was not wrong
Professor Thomas M Addiscott
13 May 2005We need to look to the future with confidence
Mark Harrop
13 May 2005Is Richard Dawkins asking us to know God?
Brian Mawdsley
13 May 2005Let us describe what we are optimising
Tony Somera
12 May 2005Science has to reeducate people
Tessa Kendall
12 May 2005Children will remain confused until they develop rational thinking
Kyvelie Papas
12 May 2005The coming debate on energy
Ray Sacks
12 May 2005Richard Dawkins concedes to his opponents
Benjamin Pritchett
12 May 2005The scientific method itself
Neil Craig
12 May 2005The masses are being kept away from science
Tony Somera
12 May 2005Most of physics since Albert Einstein is flawed
Dr Chris Busby
12 May 2005E = mc2 is one of three equations in a triangular relationship
Brian Mawdsley
10 May 2005Karl Popper was wrong
Paul Wight
10 May 2005People need to understand the process of science
Professor Robert Brodman
10 May 2005US secondary science education
Tony Somera
10 May 2005Science is solid and psychology is not
Sheila Ann O'Neill
9 May 2005Scientific inference and statistical inference
Professor George Christakos
9 May 2005Look to logic, statistical mechanics, mathematics or cosmology
Max Beran
9 May 2005Timothy Gowers has corrected a gap in my education
Tony Somera
9 May 2005Stephen Wolfram's Rule 30
Mark McAndrew
9 May 2005The life cycle is a regression to the mean
Dolores Sicheri
6 May 2005Basic literacy and arithmetic are more important than the scientific method
Cantwell Carson
6 May 2005Teach children how to reduce bias in their beliefs
Professor Joseph M Hilbe
6 May 2005Science is our best defence against believing what we want to
Dr Jack Cohen
6 May 2005The biosphere is more important than we are
Tony Somera
6 May 2005Charles Darwin and moral instinct
William DeMuth
6 May 2005God never spoke to any of us
The Chemist
5 May 2005The keystone of science is critical thinking
Paul Kemper
5 May 2005Basic elements are formed at the hearts of stars
Brendan Dillon
5 May 2005Science is the development of the exchange between life and nature
David M Cooper
5 May 2005The biosphere is our life support system
Tony Somera
5 May 2005Aristotle was wrong
David Epstein
3 May 2005Are humans causing climate change?
John McLean
3 May 2005What about experimentation?
Tony Somera
3 May 2005An introduction to science
Duke Smith
3 May 2005I would teach the world biogeography
Ben Vallejo
3 May 2005Our traditional approach to scientific testing is outdated and restrictive
Elliott Samuels
3 May 2005Uncertainty is key
James Jennings
3 May 2005How can you teach that God exists?
Max Beran
3 May 2005Scientific discoveries improve quality of life
Dr Naseem Qureshi
3 May 2005We expect and need failures
Roger Clague
3 May 2005The Universist Movement
John Hodges
29 April 2005These people care about science and honest enquiry
Hugh High
29 April 2005A common theme emerges
Brian J Ford
29 April 2005Is science necessary?
Kirk Hughey
29 April 2005LEJ Brouwer's fixed point theorem
Max Beran
29 April 2005I liked the films, but they're trite
Bernd Herrmann
29 April 2005We are all people
Kim Reid
29 April 2005God exists
Tanya Ringer
29 April 2005Scientific thought can make life on Earth more bearable
Kyvelie Papas

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